Beginner Guides for Pokémon Go: Battle Tactics, Pokémon Capture and Evolve





For beginners, there are 2 major things they will do mostly: Gym Battle and capturing Pokémon. You can't do Gym Battle until level 5 so let's start from tactics of capturing Pokémon.
Searching for Pokémon
1. The most common way to find a nearby Pokémon is using the bottom right "nearby" button.
You'll see footprints which show how close you are to a Pokémon. The less the number of foot prints, the closer the Pokémon is.
2. You can pick a Pokémon you want to capture from the "nearby" list to track it.
Then whenever you walk into the direction of that Pokémon, the bar will blink. Keep going until there are no more footsteps and then click on that Pokémon from the list and they will appear.
Reminder: keep an eye on the traffic when you are tracing a Pokémon!

Tips for throwing Pokeballs!
You probably need several Pokeballs to capture one Pokémon and if you keep doing that you'll run out of Pokeballs fast. Here are some tips of effectively throwing Pokeballs.
1. Use you index finger instead of thumb.

2. Higher player level makes your throwing more accurately
You will see green circle (means easiest to capture) on the Pokémon if your level is high enough, instead of seeing yellow, orange and red circle (means hardest to capture).

3. Use a different type of Pokeball to increase the capture rate.

4. Throwing a curve or spin ball increase the chance of capture and reward you additional curve ball XP.

So how to do this trick?
  • Place your finger on the Pokéball
  • Move your finger around in a circle in either direction
  • When you start to see the ball "sparkle," release it. 
5. There are nice throw, great throw and excellent throw, depending on your throw accuracy.
The better your throw is, the higher chance you can capture the Pokémon. Of course, as I mention above, there are methods to increase the odds.

Leveling and evolving a Pokémon

1. Each Pokémon has a stat called CP, which simply represents the combat power of it.

You can increase CP by Powering Up your Pokémon but know that each Pokémon has a CP limit. You can also increase CP by evolving the Pokémon - which converts it into the next evolution of the Pokémon which comes with increased CP.
2. You can pick up an egg in your exploration

Once you find one, make sure you have it in the incubator. Depending on what kind of egg you have, it cracks when you travel 10km or 5km or 2km distance. No hard evidence shows whether long distance of travel incubates better or worse Pokémon.
3. Evolving a Pokémon costs Candy. So where to find Candy?

There are 3 ways to get candy:
  • When you catch a pokemon, you get 3 candy of the pokemons type
  • You can send your pokemon to the professor to get 1 candy (but you lose the pokemon permanantly obviously)
  • You get a lot of candy when your egg hatches based on the type of pokemon that hatched - for instance, i got 27 candy from 1 egg hatch.
Combat and Gym Battle
Combat takes place in real time.
1. You can do 4 things in combat:
  • Tab the screen = Attack
  • Swipe left/right = Dodge
  • Tap and Hold = Special Move (You require 1 bar of blue built up which is done by attacking)
  • Swap the current pokemon (so far, this just makes you take way too much damage as combat is real time - just tap the screen for now - may change once pokemon are stronger)
2. You can attack a gym and take control it when you reach level 5. Gym Battle can involve multiple players split into attacking and defending side.
3. Simply tab the screen fast to fight. There could be advanced tactics to be discovered.
4. Pokémon won't heal themselves even they are off the battlefield.

There are 3 ways to heal your pokemon:
  • Using a heal (purple) potion from your items
  • Powering up your pokemon (Will restore 1 hp each time - yay!)
  • Evolving your pokemon restores it to the full health of the next level pokemon




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