Why Has Game Rip-off Become China's Specialty?





Recently, we paid our attention to Legend of Titan, an Overwatch rip off that is in development by a Chinese game company and they even denied the accusation. Well, speaking of cheap copy, Legend of Titan won't be the only rip-off out there and it surely would not be the last one. Let's take a look at some of the recent rip offs by Chinese game companies.

The Three Kingdom-themed Clash Royale clone came out shortly when Clash Royale was becoming very popular.

Left is the Three Kingdom-themed Clash Royale clone

Let us also recap the rip-off of Hearthstone 3 years ago.

Not to mention the millions of Clash of Clans rip-offs.

These types of disgraceful rip-offs are commonly seen in overseas and are countless. Now, let us get back to the question: Why has rip-off become China’s specialty? Well, let me ask a hypothetical question before we move on: Do you want to live as a poor with morals or as a rich with no morals?

In the minds of China’s gaming developers, they are oblivious to anyone so long they are making profits out of the rip-offs.

To sum it up, the lack of morals is the main reason which causes the widespread of rip-off products in China.

However, some might also say that enforcing laws can help in curbing the widespread of rip-off products.
Much to our dismay, gaming industry is not included in China’s law boundaries and as such even law cannot be used on them. Game is not being bounded by copyright, law and patent laws in China. This results in rip-offs standing in grey areas in China’s law. There even exists a case whereby the Court does not recognize rip-offs as infringing in the genuine game copyrights. All this leads to other gaming developers thinking that it is right to produce rip-offs as they will not face any consequences by the law.

Existing flaws in China’s law is the second reason which causes the widespread of rip-off products.

But in reality, this is not the case. Some food for thoughts: Have you ever scolded the hackers in games? What if you are given hacks that would not cause you to be banned? Will you use them?

Have you ever scolded private servers? What if the private servers offer much more lucrative rewards compared to the genuine games? Will you play them?

Have you ever detests those botters in game? What if you need large amount of in-game currency or even need help in training? Will you ever consider turning to the botters to solve your problem?

Have you ever complained about the ads that the rip-off games are producing in games? Most of the popular games are mostly the rip-off games in China.

Last but not least, the rip-off of Overwatch is free to play. Will you play it instead?

Even if you are not the one patronizing these rip-off games, others will still patronize them knowing that these free to play games will still exist ways for players to spend money in game.

The main culprit of existence of rip-offs ultimately lies within the players.

What the Chinese players can do is to not patronize these rip-off games no matter how lucrative the rewards seem. An individual might not change anything to the existence of rip-offs. However, with everyone uniting together by not patronizing these rip-offs, it will result in a strong influence to the game developers. Only then will China’s gaming industries prosper and have better prospects for the future.
Only then will China’s gaming industries prosper and have better prospects for the future.

What do you think about that phenomenon in China?






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