Replace Flappy Bird? Unroll Me Suddenly Topped Second in Google Play Charts

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When most of people were silence in Flappy Bird removal, there is a dark-horse appeared in Google Play. Unroll Me, an ultra-hard PUZ game, got the second place of Google Play Charts.

Unroll Me

Let's take a look at this game. It combined mobile puzzle game and pipes game. It doesn't have delicate graphics and sweet sound, only crazy feeling. In the game, you should move the grid with pipe to let the white ball arrive the end point.

If you think it's easy, you're wrong. Its difficulty is when the game is started, the ball will automatically start moving along the existing pipes after 5 seconds. So you must set up pipes before the ball is no way to go. Otherwise, it will be broken and the game will be over.

Unroll MeUnroll Me

If Flappy Bird tests your operation, then Unroll Me is a double whammy of your intelligence and operation. Nowadays, Flappy Bird was taken down. And if you are looking for the similar game, Unroll Me is a good choice.

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