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Shaman decks seem quite popular in high rank, especially for legend. I just built this deck for only one week, while he has quickly become my favorite class and climbed to legend now. No more waiting let me unveil my deck.

Earth Shock is my favorite low mana spells in early stage. It reads: Slience a minion, then deal 1 damage to it. As the old saying goes: kill two birds with one stone. Sometimes, you can cast it on minions like Argent Squire, Scarlet Crusader and Bloodmage Thalnos, removing these guys without any damage ruturn. Forked Lighting, Lighting Bok and Rockbuter Weapon are effective early removals, so save them in the beginning. Currently, Defias Ringleader + Coin or Defias Ringleader + Novice Engineer are hot combos for Rogue, and Forked Lighting will answer these combos well early on. If Priest goes NS in the first round, drop Rockbiter Weapon! Although you couldn’t drop some aggressive minions early on, effective removals enable you to keep your opponent’s board clean, especially when you are playing against Warlocks.

For Nat Pagle, it plays as a card engine in your deck, while it won’t help you too much in 5+ rounds, so drop it in the first or second round would be mulligan for players. Don’t drop Flametongue Totem along without any friendly minions on your board, since that would hinder you to benefit from its effect right now. Usually, if I get Nat Pagle and FT, I would go NP first and drop FT in the next round. I think T3 would be a sweet beginning for you, since Feral Spirit and Harvest Golem extremely performance well in board control early on. Coupled with FT, you are likely to trade up a giant in mid stage, such as Keeper of the Grove and Sen'jin Shieldmasta.

I didn’t pick 4 mana minions in this deck, since you are under the drawback of overload in this turn. Maybe the only thing you can do is to summon Totem, but it wouldn’t be a big issue only if you can clean opponent’s deck and stick your minions in T3. You can strengthen your board control in 5+ and you won’t take too much drawback from the overload. The usage of Faceless Manipulator and Stampeding Kodo are fare to explain, but if your opponent still floods his minions on the board, go Bloodmage Thalnos + Lighting Storm to make a wipe. For Druid, he usually picks four or five fatties in his deck, so save your Hex for the fatties (may he will bait out your Hex).

How about late game? I think it won’t be too complex if you are able to make the board under your control and then go your legendaries in high mana match. Tinkmaster Overspark gains its appearance in legend and your opponents are likely to save this one for your legendaries, so bait out TO first before going your legendaries. Well, since you have three fatty legendaries, TO wouldn’t make too much effect.

Match up

Rogue & Warlock
Rush minions seem always her them, so save removals in the beginning. Lighting Storm seems a good choice as well, if you get the coin, go it in the second round. For warlock, if he goes two minions with coin, go Forked Lighting; if you get the coin, go FL in T2, so that you will have two mana to go in T3. These decks are quite aggressive early on, while are easy to run out of steam in late game.

Save Earth Shock! i have talked above, it is a good answer to Argent Squire, Scarlet Crusader and Bloodmage Thalnos. Don’t swarm your minions too early, since his Consecration and Equality will make you miss anything on your side. Well once he runs out his AoE, you just win. Another combo is: Sword of Justice + minions, save Lighting Storm for it. If he goes Tirion Fordring, cast Hex on him!

Shadow Word: Pain and Holy Nova are his main spell; actually he can’t do anything once he drops these spells. And both his Pain and Death could not answer your Cairne Bloodhoof once being dropped on the board. MC? It got nerf now and I think you can finish this game within 10 rounds.

He is quite weak in early stage, while his massive fatties would give him strong control in late, so save Hex for them. Starfall is a two damage AoE in mid game, which means it only can wipe your Totems while still keeping others save.

I think it would be a hard battle for you, 50-50 win rate. Always kill any of his minions / totems, preventing your opponent to buff his minions.  

Warrior & Hunter
Actually, I haven’t played against with them, if you have any supplements or suggestions, please comments below.


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