Multidimensional Battlefield! Explore BLESS Online's Siege War Details

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As one of next generation master works in recent years, BLESS not only has best-of-class graphics, but also adds unique siege gameplay in multidimensional ways covering sea, land and air. According to previous development team interview, it is said that the siege war between two opposite factions could be called the greatest MMORPG siege war in the history.

The fierce conflict between two factions, the town could be occupied.

Different from most current MMORPG, BLESS's worldview setting granted a good congenital condition for faction gameplay. The interaction between players and evil races which are located in each corner of the continent, to a certain extent, will affect the factions' force balance. However, all towns and barracks could be occupied so that they will undoubtedly become the target for two opposite factions. The one who occupys a town not only could dominate the town' resource, but also establish a much firmer offensive and defensive facilities basing on that town.


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