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MU Origin is Webzen's upcoming open world mobile MMORPG which is adapted from the popular PC online game MU Online. 2P is happy to sit down with the the game producer Teddy, talking about MU Origin on the game features and Webzen's plan on the game localization and more.

1. Q: Hi, first of all, it’s my please to interview MU Origin team. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

A: Hi my name is Teddy. I’m the Senior Producer of MU Origin. Our team consists of veterans with over 30 years combined experience in mobile and PC online. We are no strangers when it comes to Mobile games and MMORPG. We were involved in servicing MMORPG games like MapleStory, Mabinogi, and Atlantica Online. Also we were producing mobile games like Kritika, Dragon Blaze, Monster Warlord in the past. We hope our experience can bring the best possible service of MU Origin to our fans.

2. Q: When did development for MU Origin firstly start? How many people are working on this title?
A: Under WEBZEN’s game IP franchise business, MU Origin actually started life as a PC-based MMORPG called “MU Online”. We initially started developing the game with a Chinese partner company in 2013. There have been almost 100 professionals who worked with us as both internal and external developers in the team.

3. Q: MU Origin has been launched in Korea and China for a while, and it was ranked the NO.1 game in the Google play and Appstore top-grossing charts. Now the game is going to be launched in western counties. Have the dev team made any localization features for the western market or it is the same with the Asian version?
A: MU Origin has been loved by our fans throughout Asia. We wanted our fans in the western countries to love the game as well. Therefore, we made some changes to accommodate our western fans. First, we added the region select option. Our Fans can now choose between US West, US East, and Europe so they can play in their region for optimal latency. Next, the language filtering system was added to our chat so fans can customize which language they prefer to interact with. Lastly, we made changes to the game balance to cater to users that reacted differently during our soft launch. While this is not noticeable to our fans, it will be a game changer for the western audience.  
4. Are we going to see most of the features in MU Online in the mobile version? Are there any elements or systems which are unique to MU Origin when comparing with the PC version?
A: From the PC version, we’ve been trying to bring the gorgeous effect and the design concept that using the primary color in MU Online. Of course, you will be able to visit world and face monsters from MU continent, so old MU users can recognize the game quickly.

Besides, MU Origin is an open world MMORPG. Mobile doesn't have a lot of options when it comes to a true MMORPG, but as MU Origin stands right now. We’ve optimized the game system and user interface to mobile devices, and the splendid graphics.

 5. MU online focused on PvP a lot. How about MU Origin?
A: In MU Origin, PvP isn’t just a simple arena where players fight each other one on one. There are many different PvP elements in-game in which players can challenge to reach the top of the rankings.
6. Q: There are three well-known classes we can find in the mobile version: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. Are dev teams planning to add more classes in the future? (There are Magic Gladiator and Summoner in the PC version.)
A: Yes, we have plans to release a new class. The new class named “Magic Knight,” is expected to be released in late 2016. This class is a combination of the Dark Knight and the Dark Wizard.

 7. The level system is quite interesting. It features easy leveling and endless levels. How many hours players have to spend to reach a relative high level? When players' level getting higher and higher, Is there enough content for player to play?
A: One of the greatest points of MU Origin is that the contents are endless. As a fan myself, I have dedicated lots of time but still have long ways to go. From PvP to PvE there are so many things to do and will keep players engaged in the game. Players will strengthen their characters through PvE and compete to test their abilities in PvP.
8. It's a free-to-play game, so what are the current plans for the cash shop items?
A: The cash shop will remain same as soft launch. Our fans will have an option to purchase diamonds to speed up their progression. We are planning to keep the game as free-to-play.
9. Q: So MU Origin was scheduled to launch on June 8th but it got delayed suddenly. Can you share with us the reasons behind the delay? And what’s the latest launch plan?
A: The game was ready for launch but we decided to push the launch to perform additional tweaks on usability and game balance from the feedbacks we’ve received during soft launch. Fans have high expectations nowadays and we wanted to make sure we met them.

10. Thanks for taking this interview. Any shout out to our readers and MU fans?
A: We are very excited to meet our fans and are aiming towards early to mid-third quarter for the official launch. See you soon!






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