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The Elder Scrolls Online Won't Have Open Beta

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The Elder Scrolls Online
If you are waiting for an opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online open beta before it formally launches, you may be disappointed. The team has confirmed there will be no traditional open beta phase for the game, though there will be several very large beta sessions prior to final launches which will still require beta keys to access.

The FAQ writes:
We will not be holding a traditional open beta, but if you sign up to participate in the ESO beta prior to launch and are eligible per our Terms of Service, you will get an invite to a future beta event. We will be holding several very large beta sessions that include beta key giveaway promotions before the game launches. Please make sure to sign up for beta if you have not yet done so: https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en/beta 

Currently the game hosts beta weekend events occasionally, with NDA in place. ESO will launches on PC April 4, 2014 and on next generation consoles in June 2014. You can preorder the game at www.elderscrollsonline.com.

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