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Zhou's Interview by GameFY: Talking About Chuan and his Dota Career

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The former Invictus Gaming legend has decided to put an end to his long and successful career after announcing his retirement on his Weibo account.

This is a telephone interview by GameFY after Zhou's retirement announcement.

Zhou: “I’ve played Dota for several years, and I think it’s too long for me.”

Looking back to Zhou's career path, he's played for five teams, and the most impressive one is his first - commeDieu.

Zhou: Put all my performance aside, CD is my favorite team, not only because it’s my first team, but from my personal feelings as well. I don’t care how many championships we’ve won. I really miss the moment we fought in CD. From a nobody, to ChangSha Internet café tournament’s Champion, then to national champion, step by step.

7 times on Dota loading screen, 27 Dota championships. This is not a coincidence. During Zhou's glorious career, there are many unforgettable moments:

Zhou: The most unforgettable moment is CD representing China in Singapore. It had been a month since I played competitively. At that time, CD was an amateur team which was made up of five close friends. One of my friends was ecstatic and drunk too much to miss the Visa application on next day. At last, our manager took the place of him in the tournament. We were defeated by Vietnamese team SB in quarter final since we were undermanned. I felt so bad at that time because I had a strong desire to bring a Champion cup back to China. I cried when I walked out of the stadium. This is my unforgettable moment.

My happiest moments are triumphing at TI2 and SMM. I played three times at SMM, and I finally reached the Champion at the third time.

Winning TI2 Champion in Seattle is the summit of Zhou's career. When it comes to IG's conflict after TI2, Zhou recalled the situation.

Zhou: Zhou: After we won TI2, ACE, G-league and WCG Champions one by one, we kept undefeated in that time. In a certain meeting, Chuan said we weren’t serious and focused as usual, and this would lead to losing in the future. I felt Chuan’s words were right. Once you kept winning all the time, you will lose the motivation to improve. However, we paid no attention to Chuan words after that and then we lost a game as Chuan expected. Chuan was very mad about ignoring his words. Then the conflicts were sharpened, and finally led to transfer.

The person Zhou most wanted to thank is his girlfriend who stayed with him during his whole career. For those people who support him and doubt him, he has his own words:

Zhou: The person I most wanted to thank is my girlfriend. No matter what happens, she is always in my back. For those people who support me from the beginning till now, I want to say: thank you very much. No matter what my form is good or not, they support me all the time. In fact, if I am not a professional Dota 2 player, I may not keep supporting a person all the time. It’s a very tough thing. For those who criticize me, I feel they don’t do it on purpose, and they want me to be better. They swear me for losing their rares sometimes. Therefore, it’s quite normal for scolding me to express their angers.

Source: GameFY


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