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King of the Gods, the last level of Starlight Sanctuary, is the only dungeon that gives us 800+ experience per stamina in average(13k~14k exp, 17 stamina), if you plan to level up fast, this may be the only choice. Thus I recommend everyone to build a team to farm this dungeon with at least 90%+ success rate.

Non-IAP stable team already exists in this game, but that requires max skilled Goemon the Thief, which is a pain for an actual non-IAP player. You need to be able to farm Chivalrous Thief - Mythical which a high success rate, that's already a pretty hard job. Even you are an orbmaster that can farm Chivalrous Thief - Mythical , it still requires 50 stamina, the skillup rate of this game is 20% when it's doubled, that means you need at least 3250 stamina to get 65 x goemons and level your main Goemon to max skill, max skillGoemon should be an exclusion from non-IAP monsters.

The most recommend non-IAP team so far is like this:
Leaders: Double Goemon the Thief
Subs: Gigas the Great, Echidna, Hera-Ur, and CoC Flame Archer

I play the Japanese version, but I think the monster icons are clear enough.
This is the team I've been using to fight KotG when monsters in my team are at low level (lv70 in average), this is a good team, but I can't use the word- "farm" because it's not a stable team. The downside of this team is when you beat the Tiamat in floor 8 with 4 combos and 6 fire Orbs, there is a good chance that heart orbs fall down and break my heart, even when I get in floor 8 with only 1 HP, 7 combos + 3 heart orbs from sky can pretty much deactivate the leader skill of Goemons, there will be nothing to do but waiting for the Chaos Devil Dragon in floor 9 to one shot you. The chance that leader skill get deactivated is like 20% from my experience, that means the average exp / stamina will be reduced to around 650 exp / stamina, that's still good but not really worth the effort imo.

Now that Hercules Descended is out (already in Japanese version and soon in English version, since it's in version 6.3), this problem is solved, real KotG farming become true for everyone with rank 200ish, as long as you have the monsters leveld, there is no strict skill level requirement, well besides Gigas, max skilled Echidna is highly recommended, but you can still do it even without one. Here is the party setup:

Leaders: Double Goemon the Thief
Subs: Gigas the Great, Echidna, Hera-Ur, Hercules

Team cost: 193 at least(Hercules is 40/60), that means you need to be at least Rank 178, Echidna shouldn't get her ultimate evo at this time, but Hercules must remain at his initial form.
At rank 188, you have 204 team cost, now you can ultimate evo your Echidna if you want to.
At rank 208, you have 224 team cost, you can evo your Hercules.

Basically, I just replace the CoC Flame Archer with Hercules, the only usage of him is reducing the HP of yourself to 1, much like an insurance. Since you loose the enhancement of CoC Flame Archer, you will need at least like 5500 Fire attack to one shot the Chaos Devil Dragon with 1 combo + 30 fire orbs. This isn't too hard. I'd recommend to go with this team when all fire members reach lv80 in average, ignore Hercules' level as long as you have one.

The strategy is simple:
1. Stall until Goemon's skill is ready, or be ready at floor 10, Echdna will help a lot, but do remember you will need her skill VS Zeus at floor 10.
2.  At floor 8, use Gigas' skill, change heart to fire, 6 fire orbs + 4 combo should kill the Tiamat.

3. At floor 9, if Chaos Devil Dragon is at turn 1, use Goemon's skill and one shot it. If it's not 1, and you have 6+ fire orbs remaining on board, you can try high combo and full attack, it's not hard to kill.

4. Use Echidna + Goemon + Hera-Ur skill, this should take 70% of Zeus's HP, then use the remaining 3 turns to kill him. It's pretty easy, Gigas' skill will be ready again. Save Hercules' skill till the last turn, or reduce your HP if it's more than 20% already.

Hints on stalling:

1, Kill order: 

 >  >  >  >  >  >  > 
2, Don't use up all you fire orbs to kill the last mobster in one floor unless you are in danger, you won't know what kind of mobs you will encounter, if lots of turn 1 mobs are waiting for you, use all-damage to wipe them out, don't hesitate to use Gigas' skill if it's necessary.

3,  and  are the major stalling targets, if one of them remains at last in a floor, you should be able  stall for enough turns. If  is the last one, trying matching 4 fire orbs at 1 combo so it can defend all the damages, and high combo with heart orbs. If   is the last one, do 3 wood orbs at 1 combo or 8 fire orbs at 1 combo sometimes.

4. When you think Goemon's skill will be up at floor 10, try control your HP bar at lower than 1k.
Damage from monsters:


Memorizing these numbers will help a lot, also try memorizing your amount of HP recovered with 3 orbs + 1 combo.

5. Dealing with  +  attacking at same turn: 
Frost Demons attack at 4900, doule attack will be 9800 damage. Before your HP falls between 9800 and 14000'ish, you can try managing your panel with: Lots of Several Green Orbs , few Fire/Dark/Light orbs,
This is an ideal panel.

After getting hit, my HP will drop down to 3kish, which means the 25x damage Goemon skill will be active. After matching orbs, 2 x 3 Green + 2 x 3 Heart + 1 x 3 Blue Orbs will be cleared, this will result in a high damage single-target attack by Hercules, one of the Frost Demons will be killed, and my HP will recover for  like 6k, good enough to proceed stalling on the remaining Frost Demon.

Hints after stalling, Goemon leader skill active and active skill getting ready:
1. Keep your HP low enough, if  skyheart happens on floor 1-7, maybe you can get hit by a Devil, but don't get yourself killed,  hits for 3213 and  hits for 3294.

2. 3 Fire orbs will kill most of the mobs on the way, but not when 2  are up, try do more combos when you encounter  + .

3. The system isn't clever enough, if a  will attack you at next turn, better be used to use your finger to manually target it.

4. Pull heart orbs to bottom if possible.

5. You can use Gigas' skill at floor 3, it will be ready for Tiamat at floor 8. 

6. Make sure you will have 6 fire orbs for floor 8, heart orbs count too with Gigas' skill.

That's all I can remember so far, I'll update this guide whenever anything come to my mind, hope everyone will be ready to enjoy the great exp from KotG soon, I have a feeling that Hercules will descend in like one or two weeks. If you have D/L Lucifer to replace Hercules, you can do this team now, just stall for 5 more turns.

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