Android Games Weekly: Without Flappy Bird, We Can Still Be Very Happy!

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Flappy Bird has been taken down for two days. However, both players and medium are still focusing on it. What will it be in the end? Will Flappy Bird 2 come out? Moreover, players are constantly refreshing the game score. what will the final score be?


S.M.T.H. (Free, download)


Although I don't feel comfortable with you guys do that, I can't help introducing Send Me To Heaven to you. This is a crazy game. Let's look at the description: "S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport game. Player throws his phone as high as he can. The higher, the better. The phone registers the height and uploads result to leader boards. World Top 10, Week Top 10, Day Top 10, Local Top 10 (national) and Facebook Friends lists are available."

If you still want to play this game after reading the description, here is the guide about how to back up your android!


AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! ($0.99, download)


As the game's name indicates, it is an infrequent 'jump building' game. In the game, you will control the charactor to drive dive from a skyscraper, spray paint building and flip off protesters. Moreover, you can also do some crasy movements, such as extremely closing to the buildings, hitting birds and so on. I can guarantee that if you play this in real life, then you can only experience once in your life.


World at Arms (Free, download)

World at ArmsWorld at Arms
World at ArmsWorld at Arms

Developed by GameLoft, World at Arms is a SLG-SIM war game that was used unreal engine. The gameplay is similar to Kingdoms Lords. But, it has its own characteristics in the war phase. You need to list your troops and then fight your enemy in a special map. The difficulty is not so high.

In short, the game inherited the excellent quality of GameLoft's games. Whether graphics, sound, or gameplay, it is a game that worth to play.


Frozen Free Fall (Free, download)

Frozen Free FallFrozen Free Fall
Frozen Free FallFrozen Free Fall

Inspired by the newest Disney animated film, Frozen, Frozen Free Fall is a casual games. The operation of the game reminds you of Candy Crush Saga. But, experience the film in the game is also a good choice. Anyway, If you are the fan of Frozen, you should not miss the game.


Avengers Alliance (Free, download)

Avengers AllianceAvengers Alliance
Avengers AllianceAvengers Alliance

Avengers Alliance is a film-based game. The game scenes and plots are faithful to the original film. But, unlike other film-based game, Avengers Alliance is no longer a traditional RPG style. The game utilized turn-based battle style. You just choose three super heroes to participate the battles. Moreover, the game also supports PVP mode, that let you fight with your friend!


Nightmares from the Deep (Free, download)

Nightmares from the DeepNightmares from the Deep
Nightmares from the DeepNightmares from the Deep

One of classic G5 puzzle series game, Nightmares from the Deep will led us to the Caribbean for adventure. You will play as a curator this time and your daughter was kidnapped by an undead pirate. You must use your intelligence to overcome the dangers and difficulties, and then save your young lady.

Lumi (Free, download)


Lumi is an action adventure game that full of the style of fairy tales. The gameplay is simple but creative. Jump, fly, and fling Lumi using magnetic attraction. In addition, the game levels are similar to PSP's LocoRoco. So, for the entire, the game is relatively suitable for the player who wants to relax his mind.

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