Flappy Bird Removal Can't Extinguish The Enthusiasm of The Players

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Flappy Bird

Nintendo Denied Asking For Flappy Bird Removal

Flappy Bird
has been away for two days. But the aftermath is not over yet. As the game stlye is similar to classic Mario games, people have conjectured that Nguyen suddenly took down Flappy Bird because Nintendo asked him to do so. However, Nintendo dispelled the rumour. "While we usually do not comment on the rumors and speculations, we have already denied the speculation," a Nintendo's spokesperson told to The Wall Street Journal.

Players' Enthusiasm For Flappy Bird Continues

Although the Flappy Bird event continues, players' enthusiasm for the game didn't go away. The highest score of the game are constantly refreshed. 253, 412, even 439, the score is higher and higher. 

Flappy BirdFlappy Bird

I don't know when it is an end. But for us, pleasure is the most important thing. Did you guys have higher score? Share them to us! By the way, if you are trying to achieve high score, here is a tip video of Flappy Bird for you.

Why Can't We Leave Flappy Bird

To be honest, I am wondering why the game can always attract us even it was removed, and why we can't leave it. Maybe the most important reason is that Flappy Bird is an honest game. Compared with other “free” game such as Candy Crush Saga, Dungeon Keeper, the game is more care about players, not money. It wants players to play it and get whatever players will out of the experience. As many indie developers' original intentions, Nguyen makes the game for joy. We feel this. So we are addicted to the game

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