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Hello gamers,

In this article we will be reviewing Kingdom Under Fire II, a Korean MMORPG developed by Blueside.
Kingdom Under Fire II original concept was to be a single-player game for Xbox 360, a sequel for Kingdom Under which was released in 2005, a game that mixed hack-and-slash with RTS combat. However, in 2009, the developers decided to make the game for PC only. And so the game’s release date was postponed for 2013 and also the game was remodeled to be a multiplayer online game. But once again during development, the team decided to make the game a full-fledged MMORPG while maintaining its unique core features which was the RTS element of course and also release the game for PS4 as well.

The PC version of Kingdom Under Fire II is currently in open beta testing in SEA regions with English client and there was also a Closed Beta event for the Chinese version a while ago in which I participated. Beta test for Europe and US have been planned before the year is out, but without set date.
If you are interested in trying out the game, you can download the SEA version which is supposedly Open-Beta, but the truth is that the game is pretty much dead there and hasn’t been updated for years. That’s why I’ve played the Chinese version too in order to write this review.

I’ve played both the SEA version and the Chinese version of the game for about 15 hours all together. I’ve tried the SEA version since it was in English and I wanted to understand the game’s basic mechanics, before jumping into the actual version of the game which was the Chinese one. The game is eons ahead compared to the SEA version, not only they have an additional playable class, they also have more troops to choose from, more PVP and PVE maps and even the prologue is different. But we’ll get to those things later, for now let’s just start with the basics. 

The game has of now 4 playable classes from which you can choose from. Unfortunately, the classes are gender-locked which might be an issue for some people, not for me though. The classes are: Male Gunslinger, Male Berserker, Female Spellsword and Female Ranger.

The SEA version has only the first three while the Chinese one has all four of them. I've played with a Berserker in the SEA version and a Ranger in the Chinese one. I'd like to make a small parenthesis here to talk about the Ranger class here, since it doesn't exist in the SEA version and I figured that people might want to hear about it a little more.

Ranger: Female elf, yielding a yew longbow and a pair of short-swords. Fast and nimble, she is able able to take down multiple of enemies from afar with her arrows and finish off the survivors with her swords. Personally I really liked her fast play style and her animations which I believe were much better than Berserker's. Enjoy the 60 FPS.

Parenthesis closed.The developers have said that there will be 5 classes upon release, but the only thing we know about the 5th class is that it will be a Mage class or something similar.

Also, I should mention that the game is heavily instanced. While there are Open world regions where you can roam around and do some quests, basically your whole gameplay will revolve around you going back and forth you home town and mission areas.






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