Monster Hunter Online Guide: How to Hunt Estrellian and Akura Vashimu





Hi guys, today's guide will be for those who are interested in breaking the parts of Estrellian (星龙) and Akura Vashimu (尾晶蝎). 

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Estrellian has 3 different phases and it is important to take note of what it does in each phases. Here's how you differentiate each phases.

Phase 1 : 

Phase 2 :

Phase 3 : 

I believe most of you are in need of Estrellian dragon blood, claws, wings or even tails to craft Estrellian weapon. However, most are unsure how to obtain them. Firstly, dragon blood can be obtained from breaking Estrellian's head, claws by breaking the claws, wings by breaking the back area, and tail from cutting the tail off. Take extra note that you have to break these parts when Estrellian is in phase 1 and break them one more time at phase 3. Estrellian would be landed into a flinch status which implies that you have already broken it. Estrellian tail is a bit tricky as its tail would not be cut off straight at phase 1 even though you have landed it into a flinched status. Once landed into flinched status, wait for Estrellian to transform to phase 3 and that will be the time you cut his tail off. I would strongly recommend to find a bow or bowgun user to sleep Estrellian first and let a great sword user full charge on the parts (it is almost guranteed to break it in one full charge) so that Estrellian will not run around which sometimes make it difficult to aim. Side note: Estrellian can only be flash bomb and put to sleep. Traps and paralyze status does not work on him. 

Some players might be familiar with this next monster that we are going to talk about, Akura Vashimu.

This monster is one of the monsters with no weak parts. (grey damage on all parts except for white damage on tail and head) However, it is possible to create weak parts of Akura Vashimu which speeds the hunt a little faster. Firstly, you will have to break both of his claws and head which allows you to cut the tail and create a weak spot at his tail area. Note that you will have to break the claws and head twice (crystal and the part itself). It will flip everytime a part is broken fully. Akura has the ability to heal his crystal back on his left hand. Thus, I would advise you to start breaking his right claw twice, followed by its left claw twice then his head. It is important to accumulate damage on Akura tail at the same time as its tail can only be cut when it receives a certain amount threshold damage, so do not forget! When Akura does his third flip, it will land into a struggling status and this is your only opportunity to cut its tail off (provided you have accumulated enough threshold earlier on). After severing off its tail, Akura will reveal its weakest point, the reddish part where you cut off his tail. This is the moment you will rekt it easily.

That is all for now. Happy Hunting!







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