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Control Warrior Deck Recommendation





Here is a control deck of warrior. It works well against rush classes like Hunter, rogue or warlock.

Whirlwind *2 Shield Slam *2 Execute *2 Fiery War Axe *2 Nat Pagle Slam *2 Cruel Taskmaster *2 Armorsmith *2 Shield Block *2 Tinkmaster Overspark, Frothing Berserker *2 Acolyte of Pain *2 Arathi Weaponsmith Chillwind Yeti Stampeding Kodo, Cairne Bloodhoof, Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord, Ysera

1. Slam + Fiery War Axe can easily take down minions under 5 drops like Chillwind Yeti,Azure Drake,Stampeding Kodo and so on.
2. Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain or Frothing Berserker + Whirlwind or Cruel Taskmaster are always great.
3. Save your Shield Block and play it with Shield Slam. 1 drop for 5 damage, can’t be more worthwhile.
4. When you have a Armorsmith on board, remember attack with other minion before Armorsmith.
5. In 6 turn, play Cairne Bloodhoof if you can. Unless it is necessary don’t play Sylvanas Windrunner. Sylvanas Windrunner is better in later game.
6. Play Armorsmith in turn 3. And Frothing Berserker in turn 3. Control the board is more important than draw cards. Unless you’re facing control classes.
7. Play safe and don’t let Tinkmaster Overspark to take chance with common minions.Use Tinkmaster Overspark on Sylvanas Windrunner, and Cairne Bloodhoof.

 Following are some tips playing against different deck types.

Against Weapon Warrior
Actually it is very hard to predict what type of deck your opponent is using. So I always assume that they will play weapon warrior because weapon warrior is very aggressive.

Starting Hand
Armorsmith + Whirlwind + Cruel Taskmaster + Frothing Berserker + Weapon + Slam are all good choice.
Give up minions upper 6 drops and the drawing minions. What we want is survive till mid-game.
Win Rate 50%

Against Minion Shaman
Shaman is a tough rival. His hero power outweighs Armor Up in early game. And Shaman also has good AOE.
Starting Hand:
Minions above 4 health + Weapon + Arathi Weaponsmith.
4 Health minions can survival after Lightning Bolt, Lightning Storm or Rockbiter Weapon which is one of our advantage against Shaman. So those are good starting hands. Minions above 6 drops, Whirlwind, Shield Slam and Execute won’t help you much in early game. In first 3 turns the low drop minions and totem must be the main play of shaman, Whirlwind can take down those minions within one turn which may leave a room for Health Totem. It is meaningless wasting Execute and Shield Slam on small minions.
Win Rate: 40%

Against Mid-range Rogue
Both of Rogue and Warrior have many control cards. So the key to win is fill your board before your opponent. So if we can dominate the board with a moderate health, we’ll win the game easily.
Starting Hand
Whirlwind + Cruel Taskmaster + Weapon + Armorsmith + Frothing Berserker + Nat Pagle.
Try your best to play minions above 4 health. Because they are out of range for Eviscerate. Whirlwind can be used to clear Defias Ringleader and loot hoarder since most Rogue will bring loot hoarder to supplement hands. Don’t choose minions more than 8 drops, Shield Slam, Slam or Acolyte of Pain.

Against Rush Paladin
Rush Paladin is very common in rank game now. It depends much on starting hands.
Starting Hand:
Armorsmith + Frothing Berserker + Acolyte of Pain + Cruel Taskmaster + Weapon + Whirlwind +Slam
Win Rate: 50%

Against Hunter
Thought Hunter is very popular after last patch. But using this deck playing against hunter is easy.
Starting Hand
Frothing Berserker + Cruel Taskmaster + Armorsmith + Shield Block + 4 Drop minions + Whirlwind
Taking advantage of Armorsmith + Frothing Berserker is important to bait out Unleash of the Hounds. Change minions above 6 drops, weapons, Slam + Tinkmaster Overspark + Execute and Shield Slam.
Win Rate: 70%








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