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Overwatch Reinhardt Guide and Tips: How to Play Reinhardt





As you've probably gathered by now, really mastering this Hero is not something that's going to happen overnight. There are, however, some Reinhardt tips and tactics you can make use of from your very first match on.

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Reinhardt advanced guide

Reinhardt himself is a melee hero so he doesn't have the "V" button attack. His hammer deals great damage to anyone stands in the range. However, in actual combat, he doesn't usually have the chance to charge into the enemy crowd and swing his hammer, and instead, his job is holding up the shield and cover the team.

For dealing damage
  • When facing highly mobile heroes like Tracer, Genji, do not trace them but stay at your vantage point. If they dare come close, find a chance to lower your shield and hammer them down
  • Try not to Charge in open area, but instead in the alley, at both sides of your convoy, or near the door 
  • You can also Charge Bastion, Torbjörn's turret, and any enemy heroes that are trapped or frozen
  • If you go toe-to-toe with enemy Reinhardt, make good use of Fire Strike, which ignore shieds. 
  • Fire Strike deals 100 damage, and you can atually use this ability to kill enemy snipers 

For surviving
  • Try not to let your shield HP go down to 0, because you'll need to wait 3 second to use the shield again
  • When your shield is about to be destroyed, find cover and let the shield HP recover
  • The shield has 2000 HP but it won't stand very long when facing Bastion, Junkrat and Pharah
  • Always watch out the high point where Pharah and Widowmaker's attack can pass the shield
  • Reinhardt's shield effectively blocks off McCree and Soldier: 76's ultimate ability
  • Charge could be a suicide ability if you use it at the wrong place in the wrong time
  • Never go alone    

Hero counter
Reinhardt is countered by:
Bastion's Sentry mode can deal huge damage to Reinhardt. Bastion usually stays in the bakc of the team and that makes Bastion not easy to be charged
Junkrat's Frag Launcher shoots grenades that deals lots of damage to the shield.
Pharah's Rocket Launcher also deal great damage to the shield. What's more, Pharah can fly to the sky and shoot Reinhardt from above

You won't find it too hard to get to grips with Reinhardt, but it's important to understand some of the finer points of his Abilities. Here's a quick run through how each one of them works, and how you should utilise them for maximum effect.

  • Rocket Hammer [LMB] - Reinhardt is an out-and-out melee warrior, and Rocket Hammer represents his source of up-close combat damage. The reach of this weapon is pretty impressive all things considered, and so it's safe to say you shouldn't have too much trouble actually tapping your target with it. Not only will it do some fairly respectable damage to your victim, it'll also knock them back as well. Just do your best to connect first time, as you can only swing the Rocket Hammer once per second.
  • Barrier Field [RMB] - This is perhaps Reinhardt's defining ability. While this fantastic shield is active, Reinhardt will move much more slowly - and he can't fire either - but he will project a sheltering wall for the entire team to hide behind while they blast away at the enemy. Use it often, but don't keep it up unnecessarily (ie after the target(s) are dead), as it'll only begin recharging its durability a couple of seconds after you deactivate it. Managing the uptime of this shield is a core part of mastering Reinhardt.
  • Charge [LSHIFT] - Turn this on and you'll race forwards through the map, doing light damage to anyone you touch, and snaring anyone you get a clean bodyslam on. Once captured in this way, you'll push them towards the next object and deliver even more damage - often enough to kill them outright. Just in case that doesn't quite take them out, start swinging with your hammer to ensure the job gets done. Charge feels a little clunky and rigid until you get used to it, and you should keep in mind that once you activate this Ability you're committed to seeing out ride out.
  • Fire Strike [E] - Like some of the travelling damage Orbs in the game, Reinhardt's Fire Strike is capable of scything its way through multiple enemies. The speed of the projectile makes it much harder for the enemy team to dodge as well, and so its ideal for interrupting Ultimate Abilities, or reaching enemies who have a height advantage over you.
  • Earthshatter [Q] - If you've got a good pack of teammates with you and you really want to push progress on the map, drop Earthshatter. Anyone caught immediately ahead of Reinhardt will be tapped by this Ultimate Ability, and they'll be stunned for a few seconds as well. This time can be capitalised on by your teammates, and if they too have their Ultimates ready then the result can be absolute carnage.

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