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Overwatch Symmetra Guide and Tips





As you've probably gathered by now, really mastering this Hero is not something that's going to happen overnight. There are, however, some Symmetra tips and tactics you can make use of from your very first match on.

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Symmetra is classed by the developers as one of the easier characters to play in Overwatch, and she's certainly a good choice for those who are relatively new to the Support category of Heroes. Don't underestimate the challenge of truly mastering her, however, as her most powerful plays require no small amount of tactical insight.
To kick things off, here's a quick look at the four core abilities that define Symmetra as a character. We'll go through the basics of getting to grips with her skillset, then highlight some tasty tips for making an amazing impression on your teammates.

  • Photon Projector [LMB] - As long as Symmetra's beam is focused upon an enemy, it will slowly juice up in power from Level 1 to Level 3, at a rate of one level per second. The third level of power does four times as much damage as the first, but if you break contact you'll go straight back to Level 1. For this reason, it's vital that you keep track of your enemy at all times. If you look at your gun, you'll actually see a power status indicator which grows in size as you gain levels.
  • Photon Projector Orbs [RMB] - As an alternative to your typical beam-based firepower, you can hold down the right mouse button to fire off powerful Orbs at your opponent. Charge it for up to two seconds to give it maximum oomph, then let rip - notice the expanding circle within your reticule which indicates the charge level. Keep in mind that this Orb will pass through shields and barriers too, and damage anything that it comes into contact with as it travels.
  • Sentry Turret [LSHIFT] - You'll be astonished at how many teams run around like headless chickens, completely unable to locate your turrets that slowly fizzle through their collective health pool. Multiple turret damage stacks against a single target, but the turret damage won't pass through the shields of any tanks that wander by. You can have six of these mechanical traps active at any one time and, handily enough, you also see on your UI when your turrets are firing - share the intel with your team! See the tips section below for more detail on managing these amazing defensive units.
  • Photon Shield [E] - Photon Shields might not seem particularly powerful, but they do provide a friendly target with a bonus 50 points of health, and that can easily make the difference between life and death - particularly for your squishier friends. Note that even if you die, the shield persists until your teammate falls in battle. The cooldown on these shields is also ridiculously low, so throw them around your team without a second thought.
  • Teleporter [Q] - Get your Teleporter placement right and you'll force the enemy team to waste precious time tracking it down while your teammates enjoy a respawn right into battle. All you have to do is pick a spot, place it, and then its counterpart connecting portal will be automatically added to the spawn room. Only 6 allies can pass through the teleporter before it expires though, after which you'll start charging up your Ultimate once more. Check out the tips section for advice on how to place this powerful device.

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