WoW Still Rules the MMO World – Subscribers up to 7.8 Million

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WoW 6.0

Through the subscribers plummet for the first three consecutive quarters in 2013, World of Warcraft, one of the most popular and influential MMORPG in the world, finally raise up to 7.8 million in the fourth quarter, according to the press release of the Activision-Blizzard earnings call taking place today. That is the whole tendency of World of Warcraft's subscriber number in 2013 – 8.3 million in Q1, 7.7 million in Q2, 7.6 million in Q3 and 7.8 million in Q4.

WoW 6.0
WoW 6.0     

At the height of World of Waracraft, the number of its subscribers was more than 12 million, due to the launch of the second expansion the Wrath of the Lich King in 2010. After down to 9.1 million in July, 2012, the number of subscribers rapidly increased to 10 million after WoW's fourth expansion Mists of Pandaria released in September 2012. It is interesting that the subscriber's increase took place in the fourth quarter of 2013 when Blizzard debuted the fifth expansion Warloads of Dreanor in BlizzCon 2013. Thus it can be seen that the release of Warloads of Dreanor will be most likely to boost the increase of subscribers.

In a conference call in 2011, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said that the biggest fall in subscribers was occurring in China, but World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular games in China. It has been reported that the number of China gaming marking users is up to 490 million, with the sales revenue of $13.72 billion in 2013. Although WoW has run more than 9 years as of now, with the rise of China gaming industry and the brand promotion by Blizzard, WoW still has a chance to rise again in the future.

WoW China

This is WoW Cosplay event in Chinajoy 2013. WoW still has extraordinary popularity in China.

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