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WoD: Level 90 Character Boost Preview

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Previously, we reported that Level 90 Boost, which allows a player to boost 1 character (per expansion license purchase) to level 90 along with a level, class, and spec set of gear, will be implemented into World of Warcraft's next expansion Warlords of Draenor. At the moment, Blizzard is testing this function on PTR. You can learn more at the screenshots below of the entire process of free boost to level 90 for a level 1 character. 

Step 1: Created a level 1 character. 

Step 2: The UI "LEVEL 90 CHARACTER BOOST" will pop up with the notice of Veteran Bonus in the top left corner;

Step 3: After choosing the character, you are prompted to select your character's specialization.

Step 4: After having selected your spec (you will also receive gear depending on the spec, bags, glyphs etc), this is the confirmation UI.

Step 5: Processing UI: Once you boost a character to Level 90, it takes some time to process the "order".

Level up 90!

Source: MMOsite

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