The Elder Scrolls Online VS WildStar: Which One Is Your Cup Of Tea?

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The Elder Scrolls Online
Zenimax Online Studios' The Elder Scrolls Online and Carbine Studios' WildStar are two upcoming MMORPGs that many new and seasoned gamers are waiting for. As big budget projects, they are considered as risky investment fromBethesdaand NCsoft. However, on the other hand, with tons of fresh and some innovative features, these two titles remain as the most anticipated MMO of 2014.

Pure Fantasy VS Sci-Fi & Fantasy Hybrid

The story of TESO takes place in the Second Era, roughly 1,000 years before Skyrim's time and 800 years before Oblivion's. Dragon doesn't belong to the timeline of TESO and you won't be able to slay dragons. There's a very special dragon though, and we don't know how it will be presented in the MMO. "They're literally outside Tamriel at this time. Except for just one, but we don't have any plans for him right now," teased by game director Matt Firor. With different principles and purposes, 9 races in Tamriel split into 3 Alliances and you will be helping one of them claim the throne in Cyrodiil.
The Elder Scrolls Online

TESO is a very standard fantasy RPG and it falls into the Elder Scrolls universe, therefore, the lore is there. The team does revisit many aspects of the franchise and they do many changes to the creatures and the look of Tamriel, but no worries, they are still recognizable.

WildStar blends science fiction with fantasy and wears a very unique art style. As a new IP, the game sets in a planet called Nexus, a mysterious place that's believed to have long-lost alien technology, magic and wealth. You will be one of the adventurers and colonists that come to seek fortune and power, and you won't be the only one that will encounter the dangers in the planet.

To survive, you will need allies. Will you help the Dominion, a powerful interstellar empire who has claimed Nexus for its own, or choose to join the Exiles, a rogue alliance of mercenaries, refugees and renegades?

Stylized Graphics VS Cartoony Graphics

The Elder Scrolls Online is powered by a custom MMO engine that the developer created for ESO. The graphics wasn’t impressive when the game was announced. Zenimax Online recoded the engine and gave the graphics an overhaul later to make it more identical to gamers of previous TES games. The MMO essential makes it impossible for ESO to have photorealistic graphics (or Skyrim-like graphics). "Our target is 200 characters on screen for our massive battles. That puts us at technical limitations, as far as polygons and textures and things like that, so there's no way we're going to get photo realism,” the game’s art director Jared Carr said.

The Elder Scrolls Online 

When WildStar was announced, there was concern about the game’s cartoony art style. In fact, it’s not childish graphics but a style to match the game’s light-hearted and witty tone. This kind of art is the best to deliver the feeling of the character actions like beer-drinking and cigar-smoking. If you really need to know the name of WildStar’s engine, it’s simply called The Engine. Look at the game closely, you will have an impressive draw distance and find a lot of visual effects in the world, and in the battles.


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