Ace of Arenas - Champion Guide: Domino





Ace of Arenas - Champion Guide: Domino

Domino is carry, and can only be played as an Attack Damage Carry. Building her any other way, would be pointless and underwhelming. Her passive scales off her range, and with only 50% of weapon power scaling off her abilities - attack speed is the way to go. With her tremendous amount of attack speed mid-game, you’ll deal plenty of critical damage. She doesn’t scale well with HP items, and you have much better tanks in the game. Although building On-Hit Domino might seem appealing, Deadly Chase applies a solid armor break - and that’s great for crits. “Never forget the power of Crits.”

Ruby - Attk Dmg
Sapphire - Health
Emerald - Cool Down
Amethyst - Attk Dmg

Deadly Chase: The closer Domino is to her target, the higher her damage becomes.
This is what makes Domino a threat. Don't be afraid of your squishiness - your damage output will always win a duel, if you combo correctly.

Fatal Thrust: Fires 3 rounds of bullets to the designated direction, dealing physical damage and reducing target's armor for 3 seconds.
It’s a slow, and an armor break - what’s not to like. Since it does reduce the enemy's armor you must start with this ability in your combo. When farming, Fatal Thrust allows you to do damage to all the minions at once. See laning*

Battlefield Raider: Rolls 5 ranges to target direction, lowering attack damage and movement speed of enemy units within 2 ranges of where she lands for 2 seconds. Normal attack reduces 1 second of this ability's cooldown.
You never want to stack the slow from Battlefield Raider, and Fatal Thrust. Always separate these abilities with an Auto Attack, unless stunned or silenced of course. Since it reduces the attack damage and move speed of your enemy, using Battlefield Raider as an escape as soon as jumped on is best.

Electric Trap: Domino throws an electrified net that damages and slows enemy units, inflicting immobilize when slow effect fades.
Using this ability correctly guarantees the kill for an aggressive player. The immobilize doesn't trigger immediately, which means you can use it in two different ways; as an escape, or insurance on landing a perfect combo. When starting Combo 2, wait for Electric Trap to trigger for perfect Battlefield Raid placement.

Combo 1:
Fatal Thrust > Atk > Battlefield Raider > Atk > Atk > Atk
Combo 2:
Fatal Thrust > Atk > Electric Trap > Atk > Battlefield Raider > Atk > Atk > Atk

Early Game
Sword of Rage
Apprentice Shoes
Mobility and damage, great for last hitting minions and poking. Great for rushing into you Shoes of Haste, which will allow easier roaming. Deadly Chase allows domino to specialize in close range combat, and poke/kite with her pistol. Since farming in the early game is key, I would recommend taking Fatal thrust as your first ability to lane the enemy and finish off the minion wave.

Mid Game
Shoes of Haste
Haste Bow
Bloody Scythe
You’ve finished your boots, and started building into Haste Bow. Your attack speed is high enough to extend combo 1, and extra Atk after Fatal Thrust. At this point if you feel you’ve mastered Battlefield Raider, try and get behind the enemy when initiating your combo. This will allow you to deal maximum damage, and allow you to focus on your combos instead of targeting.

Late Game
Solari’s Bow
Reaper’s Scythe
Bloodstained Executioner
Silver Spear > Prominence
If your team has done a great job at letting you carry, you should be able to 2v1 easily and take a tower in under 5 seconds. If not, Domino has an extremely hard time keeping up with the other champions late game. Make sure you constantly clearing your lane, then immediately grabbing the closest jungle camp before you gank. Be ready to catch them off guard - at this point in the game, you should only be ulting two or more enemies. Combo 2, should never change - which is why Combo 1 is so strong. If you can pick one of them off, and Battlefield Raid away, your team should be able to regroup enough to have a decent team fight.

Last hitting is only hard, if you dont lane your enemy. Finishing off the minion close range, is your best bet in finishing all the minions off properly. If solo laning, try to weaken as many minions as you can before finishing them off with Fatal Thrust. When facing a mage (your only real weakness,) wait for them to use an ability - then combo into the lane, and finish off the back minions that you should have been weakening. Getting owned??? Your build allows the maximum amount of mobility, make sure you are roaming to the closest lane as much as possible. Take the jungle camps early game, with the help of you team. Past lvl 6 you should be able to counter jungle, and easily escape as soon as you see the enemy leave lane.

Team Fights
No team is perfect, and you’re target is the stragglers first. As you wait in the brush, wait for a change to initiate Combo 2, on two of the enemy team members. Remember, Electric Trap doesn't immediately stun, so try to stay in range of only your main target. Play as an assassin to ensure you stay alive, meaning bounce in and out of combat. Sticking too close to the center of combat, will make you the obvious target. Staying near the brush will allow you to use Battlefield Raider to keep you safe.

Hard Counters
Mephisto, Gaer, Habbie, Locke

Soft Counters
Helen, Natasha, Constantine

You can out damage your soft counters, unless they disrupt it with an ability.
You are squishy; getting kited after missing Battlefield Raider will hurt laning, and getting stunned is your worst nightmare.
You're extremely fast, take full advantage of roaming.







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