Mobile Game Review - Fantasy Heroes "Micro-Centered RPG"





Mobile Game Review - Fantasy Heroes
“The first Mobile RPG focused on Micro”

Hiring Heroes, finding equipment to make them stronger -  these are the basic concepts that shape our current mobile RPG meta. But, what is the next step in mobile Role Playing Games? Micro-Management.!?!?! Currently, all mobile developers have been lacking faith in mobile gamers finger dexterity (aside from the music game genre). Giving us huge buttons, to repeatedly tap - that's not for real gamers. To be short, there is no longer need for virtual joysticks, or an attack button in mobile games. That concept has well been established, and we need to focus now on map control and PVP.

Fantasy Heroes is at the pinnacle of changing the way we play RPGs. The storyline is cute and simple, you have all the elements you can ask for, but they made a huge mistake in not opening up to multiplayer. Expanding the map size, and giving us a PVP arena would put this game over-the-top. You don’t get many play options as Fantasy Heroes sticks tight to the storyline, luckily the difficulty gets [hard] quickly and forces you to adapt to game mechanics. As you level your heroes, you’re given everything that you could possibly need through questing. The store only offers basic items, with a chance to refresh higher quality items after the completion of each mission.

I’m not completely sold on this concept. Giving you an all-access store that cycles through any amount of objects based on level and 100 coin? It feels to good to be true, but I haven’t pinned down how it’s changing the way I play RPGs. They have a well balanced (in-game) item drop rate, and the equipment leveling system is pretty standard. Yet, I have this underwhelming feeling that maybe the mobile equipment meta “in general” needs work. Overall I'm satisfied with the gameplay, but I’d like to focus on why I chose to review Fantasy Heroes.

Creativity level off the charts!!! A beautiful storyline with even smoother gameplay, I'm shocked more people aren't talking about this game. The title itself is ported only to English, and with only support for two languages it’s growth is purely based on advertising. I expect a Fantasy Heroes: 2 will come out with multiplayer support, so maybe this game was to test the market. Otherwise, for a fully released game I’m not sure if they expected a following or a quick buck.

The control system puts you in charge of four different heroes. Each of those heroes have four abilities that you're expected to manage, combo and strategize.  The screen locks around a portion of the battlefield, but gives you complete field control of your units. You don’t have any AI assistance, but each character auto-attacks after enemy selection. If we could add something to this auto-attack sequence to make it more intuitive, and utilize the swipe and draw mechanic - I believe we could have the perfect game.

Free-To-Play. With no multiplayer option,  and an amazing storyline I love the micro-centered gameplay. The amount of creativity used in Fantasy Heroes showcases the ability to advance our current mobile RPG platforms. The full value comes into play, with the amount of micro-managing you’re able to do with just two fingers.  Successfully controlling the battlefield without AI assistance, is the next move in Mobile RPGs.

The final concept would be map control, which could easily be done by adding pointers on the sides of the screen. It wouldn’t take away from any gameplay, but it will allow the player to have additional control. In aspect to multiplayer, this mechanic would allow a lot more strategic play. Hiding the full map will allow scouting tactics, and with full control of all your units we might have a new genre on our hands. Using the current mechanics could also help in the mobile MOBA market, allowing a single person better control of their three-person team.






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