Galactic Phantasy Prelude Review - Space MMORPG Perfect for Touch





“An Old-School Space MMORPG, perfectly designed for Mobile”

You're in complete control of your ship, attacking enemies in an vast 3D world. The amount of locations you're able to fly through are impressive for a Cross Platform Mobile MMO. There are two main views: the first is Galaxy view where you travel around the universe in 3rd person locating most of your tasks. Once at chosen location you switch into 1st person, here you have control of your weapon systems and live PVP combat.

Galactic Phantasys main economic objective is centered around trade. As you fly between galaxies looking for places to land, you can purchase items from the store or minerals from the mines. Transporting these minerals across the galaxy, and finding the correct planet with the best rates is half the game. The other half, is attacking other space pirates, as they try and complete their objectives. As you accumulate funds, you can purchase ship upgrades that make you viable in combat, or trade depending on your goal. With 5 different ship classes, choosing the correct three-man team as you plunder the galaxies riches is completely up to you.

My first impression as I undocked from the Space Station, was "Wow, for a three-year-old game this is amazing." The controls are fluid and smooth, without lag as you target and shoot enemy ships. Your turn acceleration is tweaked perfectly, enabling sharp turns without fear of over-rotating. Your weapon zoom is intuitive to flight mechanics, I really don't see anything wrong with the flight design, GUI, or control systems. That said, the graphics are impeccable for what this game has achieved 3 years ago.

On a developer's perspective, not having to create interactive terrain should make the games processing easier. So why don't we see more Mobile MMOs with this much Open World detail and projectile accuracy? What Galactic Phantasy gains in gameplay, they lack in storyline. Docking at various locations only brings you into section screens, without any personality. The lack of NPCs makes the cold vacuum of space - a bit lonely at times. Here's where the importance of an active community sets in.

3 years after launch... the community is still as live as ever. Playing only a couple weeks, I've been PKed over 50 times :/. It's not that I'm bad, trust me - once you're targeted as low ranked, the pirates just mob you. Thankfully, deaths just cost a percentage of your cash - based on your level. Your spawn location is stupidity close to your death location, so you might get ganged up on repeatedly. For this reason, I'd recommend playing with friends.

Galactic Phantasy offers a legendary ship for $15. Buy the time you understand the game, and acquired your first ship - this purchase would put you in top Tier fighting class. You're able to purchase all quantities of in-game currency, so the question comes back the the games monetary worth. Would I pay $15, to keep up with Galactic Phantasys curve? The game play itself almost makes it worth it, but the quality of the quests are slightly too low. If it weren't for the miraculous community still playing, this game wouldn't have made the cut.

Free-To-Play??? This game is the LINE between a competitive game and an objective based MMO. The level gap only makes the game more fun, and adds a fear factor to flying solo. Sure you can drop enough cash to be the most OP MF around, but without a real leaderboard - you’re just making yourself a larger target for other pirates. That mechanic is a deterrent, and an objective generator at the same time. The only issue is when clans come in, and collective spend a lot of cash. That would change the dynamic of the game, and the effect could swing either way. We need more Mobile games like Galactic Phantasy - Prelude, in both community and development. For that reason:






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