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Just releasing an expanion, Forsaken World is an Open World MMORPG that focuses on Team Questing, Guild PVP battles, and individual leveling. There isn't any real customization when it comes to combat, but it's a step in the right direction in Mobile MMO evolution.

You're thrown into an alternate universe where you have a choice between 5 classes. You are initially giving all of your powers, as you begin the tutorial which is actually fun to play. Completing the full Tutorial (two hours) will get you to lvl 28 which was smart on the developer's side. After six hours I was able to reach lvl 35, which is the minimum level to do anything fun. With my basic setup and low level, attempting to team quest or raid was hard since no one wanted to party up with a lvl 35 Kindred.

The main PVP arena is a ladder against an AI opponent. Once you leave safe zones, you're allowed to fight or PK even at low levels which is a cool feature but also stresses the importance of having a party. The main quest is interactive, quick and fun, and with auto-tracking and jump feature, you can really speed through these quests. The Auto-fighting mechanics are solid - Forsaken World did an amazing job letting you control every aspect of afk farming and auto questing. It was a slightly large download, but runs pretty well until you get a spawn camp.

Checking in on their Facebook, I noticed they had some server issues in the past, but the correction/response time was only about an hour - which is pretty impressive. On their website, all the social media links to Torchlight Mobile. I’m not sure the connection but if the developers are the same team, I could understand. The in-game interface is organized and intuitive. Finally, the developers listened and gave us dropdown menus instead of filling our screen with annoying buttons. Although there still is multiple ways to get to the same window, they did a great job keeping screen crowding to a minimum. (Your chat does need a little opacity work).

You get your dragons, and pets, and even a magic carpet within the first 2 hours of playing. They continue with that theme the entire time so far, so I haven't been bored. My frustration comes a little with matchmaking, I only get matched with players 4 levels or more in PVP. Second, I would drop a little money on advertising to grow your community base. This game could be extremely fun, but on the servers I've logged and and the different times I didn't feel many were playing.

The graphics seems like the standard mobile  MMORPG engine. For an open world MMO in 2016 I'd expect something a little more clean, but if you're looking at it as a foundation to build from - it's a great seed. The monsters are definitely different, but won't stand out in my memory. The hero classes were a little upsetting, only giving you 4 set skills with only a little customization. I'm not sure why developers are taking these shortcuts in class development. This alone can make or break a game, and with only 6 classes and 4 spells each that you can't change - doesn't connect you enough with your hero or add enough variety in the game.

Forsaken World is completely Free-To-Download. Free-To-Play died when Supercell introduced microwinning to mobile games. If you plan on tackling the ladder on a another MMO, I recommend bringing some friends with you. Most quests recommend a team, although the game does provide you with bots. Overall I plan on playing this game a few more days while the popularity of the expansion is out and the most people are playing. So if you're planning on checking this game out as well, I'd recommend downloading over the next week.

Getting new equipment through questing is the way to go. They didn't make it to hard, and at the same time it'll be an achievement. The store sadly does offer a pay-to-win option, which is why I can't put this game over an 8. Even at small monetary values, the payoff is greater than questing. The game has been out for too long to change that, so I'm interested in where Forsaken World goes from here. With the release of the expansion, we did get a bunch of new quests and gear. Looking at forums the community seems generally happy with the update, minus some login issues.







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