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Legendary Priest Control Deck





Legendary Priest Control Deck

This deck is CN legendary Priest deck, although many players choose Warlock, Rogue or Shaman for instead in legendary. Well it is a heavy legendaries deck, which is not the best choice for F2P guys, however, some playing thinking and ideas are quite useful when you play as Priest or play against Priest.

Legendary Priest Control Deck

Shadow Word: Pain vs. Shadow Word: Death

Picking dual Pain and Death would be the best choice, while there is no extra slot for them, so you have to make a hard decision: 2 Pain and 1 Death or 1 Pain and 2 Death. Actually, it depends on what rank you are in. Previous one suits for playing against heavy-swarm decks, while if you are playing against late-oriented decks, go the second one.

Thoughtsteal vs. Mind Vision

Mind Vision is a one for one card, while Thoughtsteal is a one for two card, which can be used regardless of class you are playing against. Both Thoughtsteal and Mind Vision enable players to draw cards from opponent's deck and peer opponents’ strategies and deck styles, allowing you to make some defense. But I prefer Thoughtsteal, since its one for two spell.

Shadow Madness, Stampeding Kodo and Mind Control

The spell of Shadow Madness allows players to remove two minions with only one card. Sometimes it even can change a game. For example, if your opponent drops Leper Gnome and Loot Hoarder on the board, you can cast Shadow Madness on Loot Hoarder and trade with Leper Gnome, allowing you to benefit from deathrattle by sacrificing Loot Hoarder. It is a happy trade. If your opponent drops Leper Gnome and Faerie Dragon on the board, cast Shadow Madness on Leper Gnome to make a trade with Faerie Dragon!

Stampeding Kodo & Cabal Shadow Priest

I think it would take a delight in controlling a 2/4 or 2/7 when drop Cabal Shadow Priest on the board. While, if you are playing against with Hunter, go Stampeding Kodo instead of dropping Cabal Shadow Priest on the board – UTH!

Mind Control

It is 10 mana cost now, and you can’t do anything once you drop it, so just take one!

Earthen Ring Farseer vs. Harvest Golem

I like to pick Earthen Ring Farseer instead of Harvest Golem, since rush decks gain their popularity in legendary. You can benefit from the battlecry of Earthen Ring Farseer, and then wait Holy Nova to wipe the table.

Legendary cards

This deck is heavy legendary, so I share some replacements.
Ysera replacement: Sunwalker
Sylvanas Windrunner replacement: Faceless Manipulator
Alexstrasza + Ysera replacement: Ancient Watcher + Sunfury Protector (Anti-rush) or Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing (AoE). Either way: Abomination or Lord of the Arena
Tinkmaster Overspark replacement: Faceless Manipulator
Nat Pagle replacement: Northshire Cleric + Power Word: Shield


Since minions with more than 4 Attack can be destroyed with Pain or Death, so I pick dual Holy Fire in this deck. Although legendary cards play an important role in this deck, I think strategies are the most critical elements. Sometimes, budget decks have a good performance as well. If you miss legendaries, go the replacement! 

Share some artworks, for more infromation click here.

Legendary Priest Control Deck

Legendary Priest Control Deck


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