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Full-Bokko Heroes (フルボッコヒーローズ) is an action RPG and released by CyberConnect2 and Drecom. Its cartoonish character style and game's UI remind me of GongHo's Puzzle & Dragons. The game has been released on iOS, and Android users can do the pre-registraton here.

Here are some gameplay videos of the game for you:       

In terms of gameplay, the game is similar to Mobage’s Blood Brothers. But compared to Blood Brothers, the actions of Full-Bokko Heroes are more plentiful and the operations are more freedom. According to the videos, we found that we can change the character anytime in a battle and control the hero to avoid attack. Moreover, you can also use skills when any character's energy groove is full.

Full-Bokko collects the advantages of the Puzzle & Dragon and Blood Brothers, and has its own unique gameplay. You guys do not miss it.

The game is currently only available in Japanese App Store. If you wanna play it and don’t know how to get a Japanese iTunes account, check here.

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