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The Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XII of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was held at 4 a.m. (PST) yesterday, Yoshida Naoki, the producer revealed the contents of the new features of FFXIV: ARR, including the upcoming  patch  2.16 and the patch 2.2  scheduled in March 2014, the PS4 collector's edition and the Blue-Ray original sound track are also introduced.

Patch 2.2 will be named: Through the Maelstrom, there might be a quest series about The Maelstrom, a grand company based in Limsa Lominsa.

Contents of the upcoming patch 2.16:
Summoning Bell added in Revenant's Toll
New features for the Market Board:
-Adjustment on the left-handed match
-"Wish List" feature
Summon minions and mounts at random
Dhorme Chimera and Hydra added to Duty Finder
Gear sets will automatically substitute main arm when item not available
Cooldown timer for timeworn maps
Character parameters will affect quick synthesis success rates
Gear dying preview feature

Patch 2.2 Exclusive - Part 1 Wrapup
Leviathan Primal Battle, hard mode and extreme mode.
New dungeon: The Amdapor Town ship
The Binding Coil of Bahamut
Thornmarch (Extreme)
Brayflox's Longstop (hard)
Halatali (Hard)
New Daily Beast Tribe Quests: Kobold and Sahagin
Crack new cases with Hildibrand
New Allagan Tomestones 
Glamours (formerly known as the vanity system)
New advanced crafting recipes
New fishing challendges
New aesthetician hairstyles

All about Leviathan:
A new primal arises!
Two ways to do the battle:
Leviathan Primal Battle (Hard)
Leviathan Primal Battle (Extreme)
For a full party (8 players)

Leviathan Chocobo Barding


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