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I'm Not a Priest (Priest Deck)

Thank Trappedinlimbo for making this guide. You've earned 100 Gold. - by Stella 2P.com

The Priest is a one of the well known classes that is known for causing long matches in Hearthstone due to it's hero ability. But what if you want to be different for once? This deck will surprise your opponents but can also end the game in a matter a turn or two.This deck is pretty high budget but I will go over some cheaper options later on.

Basic Cards

Shadow Word: Pain- A nice card for getting rid of early game minions and threatening low attack cards. Used to help stall the damage done to yourself.

Mind Blast- A vital card in this deck. With two of these in your in your hand you have a potential OTK in your hand if you get some other cards in play.

Holy Smite- A basic removal smell used to get rid of some creatures but can also be used on your opponent for extra damage.

Common Cards

Shadow Word: Death- Nice for getting rid of your opponents late game big creatures that can do huge damage to you.

Mind Control- This should only be used for absolute threat cards that your opponent has. It takes up your whole turn which will set you back so make sure to use this to stop your opponent from lethal or getting to large of a lead.

Holy Nova- Very useful against some aggro decks that are on the scene. Be careful though when using this if you have Auchenai Soulpriest because it will also damage your minions. 

Earthen Ring Farseer- Great if you have Auchenai Soulpriest out. A 3 mana 3-3 that also does 3 damage is fantastic! Using it for a heal is fine but it will suit the deck better if you get Auchenai Soulpriest out first.

Circle of Healing- Fantastic removal with Auchenai Soulpriest. Great for clearing your opponents board.

Rare Cards

Holy Fire- One of the riskier spells in this deck. Out of all the cards I would say this would be the one you could switch out for something else. It is good if used alone for burn damage or removal, however it's very risky with Auchenai Soulpriest out. 

Auchenai Soulpriest- Another staple for this deck. A great card to have for removal and extra burn damage.

Epic Cards

Shadowform- Using two of these will be an upgrade to your hero power and will not have to rely on a minion to be out. Works very well with Prophet Velen.

Faceless ManipulatorVery good for use on your own legendaries but can also be useful as a copy of your opponents minions as well.

DoomsayerVery useful to slow down your opponents. Can give you an extra turn to set up your burn damage or draw another card.

Big Game Hunter- Just some extra big card removal. This deck is weak to big late game cards so it is good to have cards such as this.

Legendary Cards

The Black Knight- A good counter to slow decks that like big taunts. More late game removal is essential.

Ragnaros the Firelord- 
A nice legendary to add for some extra punch if you draw poorly. Can never go wrong with him in your deck.

Prophet Velen- An absolute must to make this deck work. The most important card in your deck.

Bloodmage Thalnos- Some extra Spell Power and card draw is nice to have for sure. A nice card to slip into the mix.

Alexstrasza- Very helpful with the style of damage in this deck. Sets up for a very nice OTK with Mindblast.


The overall goal for this deck is to take your opponent down with your spells and hero power quickly. It is important to get your hero power as "Deal 2 damage" for as long as you can. You also will have to use your own discretion as to when to use your spells as removal or burn damage. Only remove important threats or to slow your opponent down. The more damage you get done quicker, the easier a win will be.

If you can manage to get Prophet Velen out, things will get fun. Save your Mind Blasts until you get him out so you can do 10 damage for only 2 mana. Once he comes out, it's time to go straight for his face with everything you got. You don't want to wait too long and give them an chance to kill him. 

Alexstrasza is a back up to this plan. If Prophet Velen dies, Alexstrasza can help you gain some traction by reducing their health greatly if they are still high. Playing this while Velen is out also helps immensely and ensures smooth sailing.

Cheaper Options

If you don't have the cards or dust for this deck there are cheaper alternatives that work but are not as effective. You can switch out all the legendaries (except Prophet Velen) for silence and spell power minions. However everything else you will want to keep the same. Please comment below if you know of any cheaper solutions.

Thanks for reading the deck guide! Enjoy surprising and frustrating your opponents! For more Priest decks, click here!







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