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Invictus Gaming's CEO, Efeng, Resigns

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Liu "Efeng" Yuan has recently announced on his Weibo account his resignation from Invictus Gaming, seven weeks after leaving the Association of Chinese eSports, where he was the Events Director.

A few weeks ago, Liu “Efeng” Yuan announced his resignation as Events Director from the Association of Chinese eSports in order to focus more on Invictus Gaming, the club where he occupied the role of CEO. However, he announced a few hours ago through his Weibo account that he will no longer be involved with the Shanghai-based club.

You can find below his statement regarding his departure:

"It’s been seven years since I started my e-sport career, three years as a player and four years as a professional manager, every year was different.

In 2010, I was working for Panda, 2011 for TyLoo, 2012 for IG. Each of these professional experiences made me more mature. Sometimes when I look back, I can see a naïve myself, that’s an unusual feeling. When I recalled my career and working in TyLoo in 2011, I was wondering” how come I was so stupid”

The two years in iG was wonderful. 2012 was my best year. Four projects all went well. We took the best e-sport club of 2012 prize. Especially when I saw ChuaN raise the aegis of champions at Ti2, I will never forget that moment. Every time when I watched the Ti video, I felt touched. The sponsorship also went well.

2013 was my worst year. I can’t make right decisions; put right people in right position. I am responsible for the poor performance of iG in 2013. It was very frustrating for me. In fact I never think I would achieve nothing after I managed LOL for half a year. I feel sorry for the players, fans and “xiaozhang (wang sicong)”

Anyways, two years in iG was my most important career experience. Two years, three departments, four world champions, 15 national champions. It was happy after all. I have been at the bottom of valley but I have also been top of mountain. I have experienced longest training period but I also have received top salary. It’s a wonderful experience. Even e-Sport isn’t a huge domain, however I am satisfied since I have stand on the top of it.

Thanks for the trust of xiaozhang, I never regret joining iG. Also thanks to all my partners for supporting me and iG . Thanks to all the players, for never leaving me alone in any circumstance, thank you, my brothers. I hope iG get better and better. "


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