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Hearthstone Beginner's Guide: Warlock






Hero Power

Life Tap: Draw a card and take 2 damage.

While Life Tap may seem like an unworthy trade to newcomers, the ability to gain card advantage is very strong in any CCG, making it one of the stronger hero powers in the game.

Card Introductions

Exclusive Cards (Part 1)

Exclusive Cards (Part 2)

Exclusive Minions (Part 1)

Exclusive Minions (Part 2)

Strategy and Gameplay

Many newer players may find themselves initially turned off from the warlock as the class makes heavy use of "self-abuse" mechanics in order to gain card advantage and summon more minions. This style of play is most evident in their hero power, which deals 2 damage to the player's own hero. Other warlock-specific cards follow this trend, such as Soulfire and Succubus, which requires the hero to discard cards to be put into play.

Due to the warlock's "self-abuse" mechanics, a strategy involving Lord Jaraxxus can be used to heal your hero back to 15 hp when your health has dropped too low. This strategy is employed by many warlocks so your opponent may be expecting it. Although it is a powerful card that may turn the the tide of a game, it is best not to play Lord Jaraxxus too early in case your opponent has been hiding large amounts of burst damage in his hand.

The warlock's Life Tap is useful for gaining card count advantages without wasting spots in your deck with draw cards. Warlocks are considered a "late game" class with their life tap allowing them to draw cards to survive until expensive and powerful cards can be put into play or to create combos which can create strong monsters such as Void Terror. Although many cards inflict self-harm, other warlock cards can offset this by healing the warlock such as Drain Life and Sacrificial Pact. Molten Giants are very effective in warlock decks with their self-harming nature and can be played for little or no mana late into the game.

Warlocks are also able to play an early game rush down deck, utilizing low cost cards with penalties like Blood Imp, Flame Imp, Succubus, and even a mighty Pit Lord. Although risky against late game cards and AoE, especially in conjunction with heavy Life Tap usage, using this deck the warlock can finish a game very quickly with careful use of powerful buffs such as Power Overwhelming and Demonfire.

Deck Building (Read More)

Trump's Basic Decks of All Classes for Beginners

Recommended Budget deck
Warlock deck

Deck analysis

For both beginner and veteran, rush is a commonly used strategy. Here I recommend a deck which is easy to complete for beginners. Soulfire is a very awesome card if you use it properly. Because it discards one of your cards in hand, usually I would save it to KO the enemy, or use it when the enemy minion is too dangerous to ignore. Power overwhelming is a must have card for warlock and you won't regret put it in your deck. As for Young priestess, it gives your random minion +1 health and it's useful in this deck because most of the minions in the deck lack health. 

Demonfire is another very useful spell. It can either buff your demon or damage enemy minion. Knife Juggler is a good choice for rush strategy. As an aggressive deck, you will find you need some defense sometimes, and Defender of Argus helps to bring in taunt and buff the minions ACT/DEF. The nerf version of Dark Iron Dwarf is still worth to be in your deck - look at its 4/4/4 stats.

You can replace the other cards based on the cards you have and the style you love. For instance, if you need AoE ability you might pick up Hellfire or Shadowflame.








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