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This deck is a Mage Rush deck designed to kill your opponent by any means necessary. It works by playing low costing minions early and with a strong mix of charge creatures, spell removal/stall, and high damage spell offered by the Mage class. Your enemies will be playing defense all game long as you constantly take them down to 0 HP... Winning you the game within about 5-8 minutes. Making this the ideal deck for getting from Level 25 to around 5.

(Pro Tip: Definitely consider testing this deck out in normals and see if you can win 6-7 games out of 10. That is when I would consider anyone of any skill level ready to play this deck in ranked mode).

That is about all I can go into without giving everything away, so if you are the person that just grabs the deck list and goes ham in ranked, then the info you have just read should suffice. Now on to you hardcore guide readers.

Hello Hearthstone players!
Just as a first heads up , before you all start commenting about how this deck is not Legends or Tournament material .This deck is what I like to call a "One Hit Wonder Deck" , so in other words I just designed it especially for getting from rank 25 to at least level 5 or 3. Also note this deck was played/made way before the Open Beta. During the Closed Beta, so I was not just playing "first day badies," as I like to call them.

As a game designer I can see past the standard and try to make  unique type of decks that people will enjoy and hopefully succeed in Hearthstone. The chance of losing with this deck build is around 25%, for me otherwise, it’s around 40% . My chances were low due to playing ranks in the closed beta caused me being against many equally or better players often.

It was perfected about 1 week before season 2 had started, and it works! On my third day of playing Hearthstone in Season 2, I reached  level 5 and have only played for about 6-10 hours in total due to work.

This deck is a Mage Rush deck designed to kill your opponent by any means necessary. I have a record of 28/9 W/L (75%) ,and have faced all types of decks on the way from level 25 to 5. Play it smart and you will win. Play it smart , make sure you put back the right cards on your draw at the start of the game, making smart trades, and knowing when to attack the face or not.

Deck List

Card Notes

Hero Pow

  • Fireblast - Use this whenever you feel it can be used to take out a minion or to get off some early damage if you can afford it.


  • Leper Gnome x2 - Good to throw on the field ASAP. They can come up very clutch when you need an extra 2 damage for the kill with their deathrattle.
  • Mana Wyrm x2 - Play these with spells to make it a strong early damage dealer.
  • Bluegill Warrior x2 - Use these as turn 2 damage dealers or for minion clear.
  • Faerie Dragon x2 - Play these early, they are immune to not only single target spells, but hero Hero’s power too. Watch out for AoE spells!
  • Loot Hoarder - Good to play early and take out a minion, or attack the face. Bonus you draw a card when it dies!
  • Nat Pagle - Best card in your deck for one reason, he draws you cards gaining you card control. Play him ASAP
  • Arcane Golem x2 - Do not be afraid to throw these on the field as a distraction card and attack the face with them, many player at this point will have to burn a card or a minion just to kill it. It can also be used to get rid of a big drop. Tip: be sure to play near the end of the game when the +1 Mana does not matter.
  • Coldlight Oracle x2 - Great card that can get you back in the game when you have played most of your cards, so if you get it early do not be afraid to play a lot of cards and if they die play this one to draw 2 more. (NOTE: You can swap this for an Arcane Intellect if you wish, only due to the fact some people would rather not give your enemy 2 cards, again its player preference).
Thinking of switching it out?Con's: Gives your enemy 2 cards as well.
Pro's: You get 2 cards, and have a nice 2-2 on the board.
Swap For Arcane Intellect: You will not have a a 2-2 on the board, but you will not let your enemy draw 2 cards as well, which to some might be better than no 2-2 on the board, again player preference.
  • Wolfrider x2 - Good to throw on the field and hit the face. In some cases you can take out a minion if need be.
  • Leeroy Jenkins - Use this as one of your win conditions, paired with either another change, or Fireball.
  • Nightblade - Use this card to play at turn 5 if everything is going well and you have a strong board, it will be able to clear a minion being a 4-4. Bonus, deals 3 damage to their face. (NOTE: You can swap this for an Reckless Rocketeer if you wish, only due to the fact that sometimes it works, again its player preference).


  • Arcane Missiles x2 - Take out enemies with this spell. Use them wisely, and remember they are random shots.
  • Mirror Image x2 - Use this to make a minion distraction to either keep your minions safe or stall for more card draw. Great combo with Mana Wyrm.
  • Frostbolt x2 - Perfect for taking out minions that will stand in your way. Use these wisely, you only get 2.
  • Ice Block x2 - The only secret worth having due to the fact you can double Pyroblast someone at the end of the game. (Trust me, I have won games just because of this card saving my ass).
  • Fireball x2 - Pop one of these on your enemy and watch them get very low as you combo it with 2 Arcane Golem's or Leeroy Jenkins. Can also be used to take out a minion. Use this wisely.
  • Pyroblast x2 - Big drops, for big damage, these are your win conditions for the most part if you have not already killed your foe, you can with one of these.

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