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[Beginners Guide] Every Thing You Need to Know About Rogue





Valeera Sanguinar represents the Rogue in Hearthstone. She is a misery woman. She walks in shadow, attacks in invisible. When you see her face, you died. If you sticked with hearthstone since the CB, you will know that Rogue used to be the top class. Then she was neffed. But after few days it came back and won almost all tournaments.

Rogue’s hero power is Dagger Mastery which equip you a 1/2 Dagger. Basically there are 3 ways to play rogue: Minion Rogue, Spell Damage Rogue and Weapon Rogue. But no matter what kinds of rogue deck you use, the key word for playing rogue is "rush".

Minion Rogue
As the title Minion Rogue, this way relays on rogue’s exclusive combo minions and other neutral minions with buff. Also Cold Blood is an import spell to buff those minions. Defias Ringleader and SI: 7 Agent are typical combo minions. And usually I take some buff minions like Defender of Argus, Harvest Golem, Dark Iron Dwarf and agro minions like Argent Commander and King Leeroy. (Legendary) And if you don’t have those minions, you can easily found other substitutes. So minion rogue is also good for beginners who don’t have many cards.

Deck Recommendation:
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Spell Damage Rogue
Unlike Minion Rogue, Spell Damage Rogue commit damage mainly by spells. Blade Flurry, Headcrack, Eviscerater and Sinister strike can deal 16 directly damage at least. And of course, the minion boost your spell damage is necessary. Azure Drake (Rare), Ogre Magi (Basic), Kobold Geomancer (Basic), Bloodmage Thalnos (Legendary) and Dalaran Mage (Basic) are all good choice.

Deck Recommendation:
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Weapon Rogue
To play Weapon Rogue you need some pirate cards. Core cards for weapon Rogue are Southsea Deckhand, Deadly Poison, Sap, Blade Flurry, Bloodsail Raider, Perdition's Blade,Dread Corsair, Southsea Captain and Assassin's Blade.

Deck Recommendation:

Crafting Priority

You must notice that some cards almost appear on every Rogue deck. So If you would like to play rogue, you’d better craft those cards first.

1. Defias Ringleader (Commen)
Coin + Defias Ringleader is a perfect opening for rogue. It is worth you to trade all your starting hand for one Defias Ringleader not matter what you’ve got at first. It is a great advantage having 2 minions with 2 attack in early game.

2. Cold Blood (Common)
Cold Blood is very useful card. Only one drop provides your 4 damage. You will get 8 free damage from 2 drop. Could it be more worthwhile? And more important, it is a common card which needs only 40 dust to craft. So I rank it before SI: 7 Agent.

3. Eviscerate (Common)
Eviscerate is as good as Cold Blood, it can deal 4 damage from 2 drop to any target. It is a good spell to control the board or rush the oppo’s face. So it is the main damage for Rogue and also more powerful with buff minions.

4. SI: 7 Agent (Rare)
SI: 7 Agent is the best method dealing with 2 drop minions especially 3/2 minions like Knife Juggler, Faerie Dragon or Shattered Sun Cleric. They’re annoying in your oppo’s board and most of them have spells which you need to take down immediately. But the prize is a little big no matter for your minion or your hero to take 3 damage. But SI: 7 Agent could do it for free plus the 3/3 size, you’d better take two.

5. Leeroy Jenkins, Bloodmage Thalnos and Sylvanas Windrunner (Legend)
Those are legendary cards which are hard to obtain. Craft them needs 1600 dust. If you have dust you can craft my. My order is Leeroy Jenkins>Bloodmage Thalnos>Sylvanas Windrunner. But usually you put what you get (legendaries) in your deck.

Common Combos:

Dagger Mastery
1. Dagger Mastery + Deadly Poison
2. Dagger Mastery + Bloodsail Raider
3. Dagger Mastery + Deadly Poison + Bloodsail Raider
4. Dagger Mastery + Deadly Poison + Blade Flurry

1. Coin + Defias Ringleader
2. Coin + SI: 7 Agent
3. Coin + Edwin Vancleef/Questing Adventurer

1. Shadowstep + Novice Engineer
2. Shadowstep + Defias Ringleader
3. Shadowstep + SI: 7 Agent







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