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Hearthstone Beginner Guide: Druid

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Hero Power

Shapeshift: +1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor.

Shapeshift is the druid hero power. The armor gained by Shapeshift stacks with other armor effects and is not lost at the end of your turn; however, the attack bonus is only available for the turn the hero power is used.

Card Introductions

Exclusive Cards (Part 1) 
Exclusive Cards (Part 2) 
Exclusive Cards (Part 3) 

Unique Mechanics -  Choose One

Choose One is an ability which allows you to choose one of two options when playing a card. These cards are only available to the druid class.

Strategy and Gameplay

The druid class offers an immensely versatile style of play; capitalizing on the Choose One mechanic given to the druid is going to be essential if one is serious about being a great druid. Of the Choose One cards listed below, the great cards for the druid deck are Starfall and Wrath. The combination of these cards means continuous board control and the option to top deck better than any other class in the game. If you plan to be playing the late game druid, choose these cards along with Nourish. These cards will allow you to always have a card lead on your opponent. Try to refrain from using Starfall and Wrath if you can trade your minions effectively for theirs, or if you have the option to use Swipe or Savagery. The versatility of Wrath and Starfire can get you out of a bind quickly. Regardless of how you build your deck the druid spell cards are too good to pass up, as such it is important to stack some strong spell power minions such as Dalaran Mage and Azure Drake as these cards will increase your board control significantly when combined with the right spell.

Another thing druids are very good at is fast mana growth through Innervate and Wild Growth. Two Innervate in your initial draw allows you to play a 5 mana (if playing first) or 6 mana (if playing second) creature on your first turn. If your opponent doesn't have any cards to nullify heavy-hitters (such as Polymorph or Execute) or lots of low-cost Taunts creatures, this can potentially allow you to shave off half or more of their health in the first few turns.

Deck Building (Read More)

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A Recommended deck for beginners:

This deck only includes 2 rare cards and several common cards. They are all easy of access. For those who have not Starfall and Keeper of the Grove, you can craft them firstly with your spare dust.


Swipe x2, Druid of the Claw x2, Naturalize x1 are the must have cards in this deck because they are cost effective. They can not be replaced. Naturalize is a double-edged sword, use it when necessary.


The perfect starting hands of this deck are Innervate+ Chillwind Yeti. The combo will give your opponent a bash and dominate the game. But if you don't get them at the beginning, just  use these card in a flexible way. 



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