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Aggro Paladin Deck - Justice demands retribution

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Hello everybody, last time I shared you with my Budget Retribution Paladin Deck. Today, I'd like to recommend you my aggro Paladin deck, which is almost a budget deck. If you’re a beginner, and don’t have the Leeroy Jenkins, you can replace it with the Arcane Golem.

Well, my strategy is very simple:

Early game
Relying on the cooperation between small minions and secrets to cut down the opponent’s health.

Late game
Relying on Leeroy Jenkins, weapon and Eye for an Eye to Rush the enemy hero.

Now check out the details of my deck below.


Well, there are 13 one drop cards.

~ Minions: Argent Squire and Leper Gnome. Both of them are excellent 1 drop minions, their effects are very useful for the aggro Paladin.

~ Spells: Blessing of Might, Eye for an Eye, Noble Sacrifice, and RedemptionSecrets are Paladin’s key cards, which can be used to construct many awesome combos.

What need to mention here is: unlike Hunter’s secrets, which are triggered passively, Paladin can trigger some of the secrets proactively, like the Redemption and Eye for an Eye, just make sure to play them at their best time.

~ Weapon: Light’s Justice. This is a weapon has been underrated for a long time. Let me tell you its effect in this deck, if you get it at the early game, you can use it to knock out some small minions with 1 HP; if you get it at the late game, it plays an important role to trigger Eye for an Eye, which might help you to deal fatal damage to the opponent.

~ Combos:
1. Redemption + Argent Squire/ Leper Gnome = Give them one more life.

2. Argent Squire + Blessing of Might = A 4/1 Divine Minion.

3. Light’s Justice + Eye for an Eye – At late game, play this combo to attack an enemy minion with high attack when you have sufficient HP and your opponent is dying, so that the Eye for an Eye can kill the enemy hero.


~ Minions: Argent Protector and Knife Juggler. Compared with Hand of Protection, you can regard Argent Protector as a minion with 2/2 cost only 1 mana. Knife Juggler is kind of a soft taunt minion, if your opponent can’t knock it out for the time being, just enjoy the time of throwing knives.


~ Minion: Harvest Golem. It’s the best 3 drop minion.

~ Combo: Harvest Golem + Redemption

~ Spell: Divine Favor. It’s indispensable for the aggro Paladin. Given there are a lot of cards with low mana cost, you’re likely to run out hand cards. So Divine Favor is the main way to supplement your hand cards.


~ Minion: Leeroy Jenkins. Leeroy is an awesome legendary minion which can be put in many classes’ decks. Visit here to learn more about him.

~ Combo: Leeroy Jenkins + Redemption = Twice Charge

~ Spells & Weapon: Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, and Truesilver Champion. Almost every Paladin takes these cards.


~ Minion: Argent Commander -- One of the best 6 drop minions, which usually to be used to knock out an enemy minion, but in this aggro deck, it's main task is hit the opponent's face.


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