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New UTH Hunter Deck Built For Patch 4482





UTH Hunter Deck Built For 4482 Patch

After Blizzard released the 4482 patch, UTH gets a buff, down 2 mana from 4. This change enables Hunter to make some effective combos or deck AoEs in early game. I didn’t pick too many class exclusive cards, instead picking some low cost charge minions and Leeroy Jenkins in. This deck is legendary 33 now. It is a secret that I won’t tell anyone.

Share some useful combos
Knife Juggler + UTH
Leokk + UTH
Leeroy Jenkins + UTK
UTK / Tinkmaster Overspark + Kill Command (minion cast by the effect of Tinkmaster Overspark will be a beast)

It is not high mana cost, but effective to rush face, coupled with your hero power, roughly you can deal 10 damage on your opponent’s face. In the beginning, save some low mana charge minions in hand, such as Bluegill Warrior and Wolfrider. By hanging on Freezing Trap, Explosive Trap and Misdirection, you can freely rush the face and wait your opponent losing deck control.

What you need to do is just rush the face and give a last strike when your opponent’s HP is lower enough. If you have extra mana remained in most rounds, cast your hero power to nerf opponent’s HP. Gladiator's Longbow is an excellent card. Its Immune effect means that it is useful for wearing down opposing taunt minions, clearing a path for your heavy hitters to strike at the enemy hero, or to take out opposing minions that greatly threaten you, such as the Core Hound. The usage of Leeroy Jenkins is fare to explain. Coupled with your hero power, you can deal 8 damage in 6 round! If your opponent drops taunts on the board, use Gladiator's Longbow to wear them down.

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UTH Hunter Deck Built For 4482 Patch

Lord Jaraxxus Warlock: Currently, his decks are late-oriented and he would like to drop Twilight Drake in the four mana drop and go Argus or Sunfury in the next round. Save your Kill commander for Twilight Drake and keep rushing his face with your minions. Since this deck would give a tide pressure to late-oriented Warlock deck, coupled with your hero power, it is easy for you to give him a last strike before he drops Lord Jaraxxus.

Shaman: save Freezing Trap and Animal Companion in the beginning. If he drops Feral Spirit, don’t hesitate to drop Wolfrider. In the mid game, go Animal Companion and save The Black Knight for Earth Elemental. The most important is clean his board to prevent him cast Bloodlust and Windfury on his minions.

Murlock Warlock: save Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot in the beginning. If you grab Explosive Trap in the early game, that would be batter.

Hunter: save Explosive Trap in hand. Kill him before he kills you.

Rogue: save Explosive and Leper Gnome. Usually, she is likely to kill Leper Gnome with her hero power. That would deal 4 damage to her. If you drop two Gnome on the board, she would totally take 8 damage as she kills them with hero power. Paired with your hero power, her HP will be shut down in mid game, giving you huge advantage.

However, I did’t meet Mage, Priest, Paladin and Warrior in Hearthstone legendary rank after 4482 patch. If you have any supplements or suggestions, please leave comments below.  

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