Whether Unsung Story Can Successfully be Launched on PSV, Even Nintendo 3DS?

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Today, I saw a piece of news that Heyworks set up a financial activity on Kickstarter for their new SLG Pocket Troops. It reminds me of another Kickstarter project game Unsung Story. The game was created by Former Square Enix and Level-5 game designer Yasumi Matsuno who has developed many famous games, like Final Fantasy XII, Ogre Battle, Vagrant Story, Crimson, etc.

 Unsung Story

The game, called Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, was co-produced by Playdek and Yasumi Matsuno. It combined the features of Matsuno's past games with some special new ideas. As with most of his games, Unsung Story will ask you to explore the backgrounds of politics and war, look into the untold stories of those written out of history.

 Unsung Story

The game has been intended to launch on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, and needs $600,000 to fund the project. In addition, the official said if the fund arrive $1.3 million, they will invite Hitoshi Sakimoto to compose. And if they get $1.8 million, the PSV version will be made, and $2.8 million, we will see it release on the Nintendo 3DS.

To be honest, I feel the mount is too huge. Although they raised $195,000 after the first day, the prospect is not optimistic. As of today, the fund just arrived over $380,000. And there are only 24 days left. $6 million goal perhaps can be achieved. But, we will be hard to see it on the PSV, needless to say 3DS.

Anyway, time is not over. There is still a possibility. I hope to have an unexpected surprise in Feb 14.

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