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Team DK Interviewed by Chinese Medias After Their Triumph at G-League





After their triumph in the second edition of G-League 2013, Team DK were interviewed by the Chinese media.

Firstly I want to ask how every player feel after being victorious?

Iceiceice: I don't feel anything
Burning: It is out third championship this year, we feel a great sense of accomplishment
LaNm:Not bad
MMY:Very nice

picture by U9 Dota 2

I saw you fall from the skateboard(before game) ; did it have any influence on your gameplay?

Iceiceice: Yeah, I died many times (in game)

Which one made you most frustrated: dying so many times or falling from the skateboard

Iceiceice: Falling from skateboard made me frustrated and painful.

You said the World E-sports Professional Classic was too small, how about G-League?

Iceiceice:Small too. After being at TI, it feels no other tournament can compete with it.

There are some rumours about a super new team on various sites, do you have any thoughts about it?

Iceiceice: If you have money, you can make any team you want.

This new super team has poached many players from Invictus Gaming, does this new team have any differences from the current team? Is it stronger or weaker?

Burning:It depends on them. If they work hard, no matter what the lineup is, they are able to win championships.

Iceiceice could you tell me the situation about your Timbersaw building level five Dagon in the second match?

Iceiceice: LaNm forced me to get it.
LaNm: With the advantage we had, Timbersaw could just instantly kill any support with level 5 dagon.


Starladder are held right now in Europe and it has four teams: Alliance,Navi,Sigma and Fnatic. Do you pay attention to such a tournament?

Iceiceice: Recently, I've played a lot of Hearthstone. If you want to give me any card feel free to.

Tell me your thoughts about these four teams. Especially, Alliance, since they had some changes within the team recently.

Iceiceice: If Alliance have a good preparation and work hard, they would be the strongest. It is the same to Navi. Since these two teams are little lazy: travelling, playing and no training. If they have a good preparation, they would be the strongest. Fnatic feels like those team who never will win anything. Sigma is starting to improve.

LGD and VG have won much money in foreign countries; does DK plan to compete in foreign events? The next Starladder may invite some Chinese teams.

Burning:Currently, we haven’t received any invitation. We lost at MLG. If we have another chance, we would be willing to go.

Recently there are sorts of rumor. Are you guilty, if IG disband after G-League?

Iceiceice: None of my concerns.
Burning: No I don't think so.

You once had Loda as your teammate in Zenith, please make some comments from character and play style between Loda and Burning.

Iceiceice: Burning is definitely better. Loda is serious and punctual. Doing well in terms of BP, and he likes kids. Do you like kids Burning?
Burning: Yes, I like.
Iceiceice: Therefore its no way to compare. And Loda is bald, he often wears cap and that makes him bald.
LaNm: And MMY is bald too.

LaNm said bad things about you, could you reveal something about his oddity?

MMY: He is quite stupid.

Iceiceice, Why are you always tying your shoelace after every competition? And why do you like slippers?

Iceiceice: You have to put them on after you've taken them off. Its more comfortable without shoes. My feets also smells bad so my team insists. I can awake them with the smell, its a chemical catalyst.

Recently, you've been the spotlight of many fangirls. Do you have any plans in loosing weight to regain your youth?

MMY: I don't think so, im to lazy, that's it.










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