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Monster Hunter Online finally started the open beta yesterday and all players around the world can play the game thanks to the "no ip block" policy. Below I made a FAQ for new hunters and also a FAQ for veteran hunters who just started playing but met some problems due to the lanague barrier. I'll keep updating this post if I found more questions that can be added in this FAQ.

FAQ for new hunters

Q: What are the core features of MHO?

A: The core feature of MHO lies in just one word - hunting. Playing in the primeval and lifelike world, fighting with huge boss is the hardcore of MHO. The unique hunting mode in MHO goes straight into the theme. You don't have to clean out the other small creeps but just face off the boss monster. So on the whole, MHO is kinda like a game based on dungeons. It is not the traditional MMORPGs like World of Warcraft where you'll have some wild PvE stuff.

Q: What's the PC requirement to play MHO?

A:  Recommended PC requirement:

Windows 7/8/8.1(32/64 bit operating system)
Intel Core i3 processors
Internal storage 4G
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB or above
DirectX 11*

PS: You can also download the
English Benchmark to have a test.

But it can also run with a
HD 7560D graphics card, 1.8G CPU and 4G Internal storage. Of course, with a more powerful PC, you can have better visual experience in MHO.

Q: What are the main charge points in MHO? Is it free to play?

A: MHO is a free-to-play game. The main charge points are the non-
attribute granted outfits which will just give hunters more unique appearance and the Tencent VIP Membership which will offer VIP exclusive log-in access, daily gift, portable mailbox as well as discounts for purchasing other cash shop items.

Q: What are the differences between MHO and the other MH games in other platform?

A: MHO's graphics have reached the "next-gen" standard. Besides those familiar monsters in the MH series (they'll add all monsters in MHO in the future), Tencent also added some new original monsters designed by the develop team, like the Star Dragon in the 4th closed beta back in April, 2015. In addition, some new systems are added in the online version, such as the new weapons, the team hunting and group hunting mode.

Q: Is MHO friendly to new players?

A: It is not that hard for new players to begin. Tencent has adjusted some systems for beginners so the monsters players will face at the early stage won't be too hard.

Q: What classes does MHO have and what is suitable for beginners to play?

A: There is no "class" concept in MHO but only different weapons for players to choose and hunters can switch weapons freely. For beginners, Sword and Shield, Tachi and Great Sword are good choices but that might not fit everyone so I would recommend you go to the weapon
instructor and try all the weapons so you'll know what fit you best.

Q: What's the level cap now in MHO?

A: Right now, the level cap is 40. When hunters level up to 40, it will open the HR (Hunter Rank) level, which is also an honor sign of hunters.

Q: Will we need to spend a lot of time in MHO? Are there any daily quests in the game?

A: Nope, Tencent would like players to use their "
fragment time" to play MHO. The single boss hunting time has been optimized so even you are an office worker, you can still use some of your spare time to have fun in the game. As for the daily quest, there are some but if you don't have much time to complete all of them, you can accumulate them in the following days.

Q: How is the cash shop in MHO?

A: You'll find everything here:

Q: Will PvP available in MHO?

A: No, there is no PvP in MHO. The team and group hunting modes are also about PvE.

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