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(Thank Kleipop for making this article, you've earned 200 Gold - Edited by Stella 2P.com)

Hello fellow Hearthstonians!

With the ladder reset behind us, we all want to rank up as fast as possible. You might be thinking: "What is the best deck to do this"? Many people will answer "Aggro warlock", because the games are short, and it's a good deck.
I disagree. I think aggro mage is stronger. This deck has a higher winrate than the warlock, and it is not so dependant on a good opening. The games are a little bit slower, but those 2 extra turns are better than losing the game!

Lets take a look at the deck:

The biggest part of the deck is pretty regular for a mage. I want to point out a few things tho.
First, I play Acolyte of Pain instead of Loot Hoarder. Acolyte of Pain costs 1 more mana, but it has alot of advantages. There is a possibility that Acolyte draws us more than 1 card. Also, Loot hoarder will almost always die the turn it is played, where Acolyte usually survives 1 turn. Then we can buff it with Defender of Argus, Shattered Sun Cleric or Dark Iron Dwarf. 
Next, I play 1 Water Elemental. This card has some awesome uses. First, it will always trade 2 for 1 against aggro decks, like warlock or rogue. Next, if you play a control warrior with, for example, Gorehowl, you can keep the hero frozen, so he can't attack.
Also, I don't run any Polymorph. I feel in the current meta, with alot of aggressive decks, it is not worth running a Polymorph. I feel running 1 Tinkmaster is better. Tinkmaster leaves a body on the field, which can get buffed by our Defender, Cleric or Dwarf. 

How to play this deck?
Mulligan: You want to mulligan everything that costs 4 mana or more, except for a fireball vs Druids. If you play against a aggressive deck, which also wants to get board control, you want to mulligan cards like Acolyte of Pain and Novice Engineer as well, to get a bigger chance on a useful 1 or 2 drop. 
After you mulligan some cards, and the game starts, you have only 1 goal: Board control. You want to get as much board control as you can get in the first 4 or 5 turns. It is fine to give up card advantage, as long as you keep the bord advantageous for you. Try to avoid using Fireballs, you need them later in the game. Then in turn 6 and 7 you want to start giving up board control, to deal damage to your opponents head. Then in turn 8 and 9 you want to finish off your opponent with Pyroblast and Fireball. 

The hardest part about playing this deck, is knowing when to give up the board control you got, to go for the finishing blows. You need to know which deck runs how much healing. A shaman will usually have only 1 or 2 Earthen Ring Farseers. Warlocks, Rogues, Mages and Hunters don't have healing. Druids and Warriors can get lots of armor, keep that in mind. Druids, Priests and Paladins also have healing abilities, so you need to hold the board a bit tighter against them. These 3 classes counter mage the hardest, together with Warlock (difficult to maintain board control). 

GL & HF!

If you have any questions, ask them in the comments.
If you want to see the deck in action, I stream regularly on http://twitch.tv/2p_entertainment


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