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5 ways to obtain Eidolons in Aura Kingdom

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Hey guys. I've been keeping an eye on Aura Kingdom for a while and finally the game launches open beta in the US. I've spent some time playing the game's Taiwanese version and I believe many western players are interested in knowing how to get Eidolons. There is a post introducing 5 ways to obtain Eidolons and I translated it to English. I hope it can help you.

1. The first one is the easiest way. You can choose from one of the three starting Eidolons (Serif, Merrilee, Grimm) at character creation phase. You won't miss it. 

2. Two automatic quests reward you four Eidolons. The level 25 quest Call of Gaia will reward you Aelius and Sigrun while the level 40 quest Resonance of Gaia reward you Gigas and Uzuriel. 

3. Gather 75 Eidolon Energy Crystals (dungeon monster drop, daily quests, trade, etc.) and a Hero Emblem (gain from linking to Eidolons), and you can get a random summon orb that can unlock an Eidolon. You have the chance to unlock: Gigas, Aelius, Sigrun, Bel-Chandra, Uzuriel, Vayu, Yarnaros, Kotonoha, Tigerius Caesar, Bahadur, and Hydra. 

4. You can also summon a specific Eidolon by using 75 Eidolon Energy Crystals at Temple of Gods. Defeating the Eidolon, you have the chance to get an Eidolon key which unlocks the specific Eidolon. 

5. You can also craft a specific Eidolon with 10 Eidolon key fragments (Eidolons drop, daily quest reward) and 20 Experience Crystals of the specific Eidolon.
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