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Aura Kingdom: Classes and Eidolons Recommendation

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Eidolons in Aura Kingdom are not only lively and loyal companions, but also a guardian spirits to make sure your adventure safe. According to the complementarity and skill connection between different classes and Eidolons, I will recommend you some fabulous matching below. Bard has powerful healing skill but lack of attack force so that this class only needs an Eidolon with fatal and stable attack force. Guardian also needs an Eidolon with powerful attack force and even strong survival ability. Certainly, the matching above are based on different classes' orientation and specialty, if we take Eidolons' skills into account, even though Kotonoha(nine-tailed fox girl) is weak at attack, it will become perfect if she battle together with Guardian.

  Class Recommendation Matching
Single Dungeon Party Dungeon PvP
  Guardian Uzuriel/Aelius Kotonoha/Tsubaki Tigerius Caesar/Tsubaki
  Duelist Merrilee/Bel-Chandra Uzuriel/Bel-Chandra Tigerius Caesar/Sigrun
  Ravager Merrilee/Vayu Aelius/Yarnaros Tigerius Caesar/Vayu
  Wizard Merrilee/Vayu Uzuriel/Yarnaros Aelius/Yarnaros
  Sorcerer Gigas/Yarnaros Bel-Chandra/Sigrun Tigerius Caesar/Yarnaros
  Bard Merrilee/Vayu Uzuriel/Aelius Tigerius Caesar/Yarnaros
  Grenadier Sigrun/Gigas Vayu/Yarnaros Tigerius CaesarAelius
  Gunslinger Gigas Kotonoha/Tsubaki Vayu/Kotonoha

If you have better recommendation, feel free to write down in the commnet box below.

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