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Aura Kingdom: First Look at Upcoming Eidolons List

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Aura Kingdom's open beta servers  have been opened for a few days! What about your journey in World of Azulia? With your adventure progress, you will feel the importance of Eidolons. As a loyal friend with heeling skill, Eidolons will make sure your adventure safe. Currently, there are 4 announced Eidolons in Aura Kingdom. According to Aura Kingdom(TW), there are 24 Eidolons in all currently. Do you want to see them and guess which will come next in Aura Kingdom(NA) in the near future? Today, I will present an Eidolon list including 4 Eidolons that are even new in Taiwaness version for you. Because they are not officially announced in North America version, there will be fewer introductions. However, we could take a first look at them and their ultimate skills via videos and images.

The following are 4 unveiled Eidolons:



Hailing from the heavens, Serif is a spritely warrior, attuned to the element of lightning. Small and lithe, he is a master of avoiding enemy attacks, then tearing into them with a flurry of fierce blows. There are few enemies who can survive the full fury of his high-voltage energy... or a few well thrown lightning bolts. Ever optimistic and cheerful, Serif is a steadfast ally who will stand by your side through the toughest of battles.


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