Awesome League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay

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Calssara is a costume artist from south west Germany and started in 2004. She is 25 years old and a librarian. She loves to create her own costumes, wear them, make photo shootings and create stage performances. Her costumes are selfmade, as well as most of her photos are made with her own camera equipment, taken by her friends and edited herself. Here are her excellent League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay recently, check them out below.

League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay

League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay

League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay

League of Legends

League of Legends Nidalee Cosplay

About the costume:
It looks like the easiest costume ever, but it was not XD. First of all it was hard to find leo-print fabric that did not look super cheap and that was still in my budget. Behind all leopard fur parts there is dark brown suede behind it to imitate the skin of the animal. The teeth are made out of modeling clay and painted with drybrushing so they look dirty and used. There is a lot of wire in that 'sleeves' so they stand like that XD haha~. The spear top is made out of Worbla.

The bodypaint was a crazy experiance! First I used "Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs" when I wore it in Turkey on a con but that product was horrible. My photographer gave me kryolan make up which was waaays better to put on. Still it takes ~ 3h to get into the costume with all the bodypaint and the make up XD~.

I'm very confident with the results of the photo shooting <3! I think this type will not become my main cosplay type now, but I guess here and there some "not cute but wild and cool"-woman could be in my costume list :3.

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