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Black Desert Online: Cash Shop and Item Price Still in Development





Hello guys, first of all, I have to make an apology about misunderstanding the cash shop interview offer which I posted on our Black Desert Online Facebook days ago. The offer was actually coming from a PR company that works with Daum Games. If you already read the community Q&A posted in the official BDO forum, you should know that Daum stated in that Q&A they are not quite ready to answer cash shop related questions at this moment. Anyway, Daum Games Marketing & PR Manager Rick van Beem did manage to answer part of our questions collected from our Facebook followers, though the answers are kinda "vague" too.

Q: What is your plan with the cash shop now that the game is B2P? Will it be somewhat cheaper?

The Black Desert Online Cash Shop will focus on vanity and convenience items, offering what we feel is a fair balance for players of all types. The pricing of individual items hasn't yet been discussed just yet, but our goal is to be as transparent as possible, so we will definitely be sharing information with community once they become finalized.

Q: How will you approach the "Buy Cash Shop Item & Sell it for in-game gold" exploitation?

Given that individual pricing hasn't been decided, we unfortunately cannot yet comment on the game’s economy at this stage. What we can say, however, is that it's our goal to deliver a universally positive experience for all members of the community.

Q: What is going to be done to put away the fear of a pay to win game?

As I alluded to before, a focus on vanity and convenience items means that we have more room to balance the game where it matters. Players will not have to worry about the Cash Shop interfering with their enjoyment of the game.

Q: Will all the cash shop items that have been released in Korea be available in NA/EU?

Many of the items released in Korea are fan favorites and we appreciate their contribution to that version's experience. With that said, we cannot discuss particular items at this point in time as the Cash Shop is still very much in development. We will explore the best fit both for the game, and the community.

Q: It's not related with cash shop but many players are also curious about the late game pve content in the NA/EU version. Will dungeon crawls and raids be present in the game? Can you tell us some more details about that?

We are currently busy both localizing and polishing the current available PvE content. Further PvE content will be added in subsequent updates and we'll have more information about that in the future. As of right now we aren't quite ready to discuss what that content will be, exactly, but we plan to support the game and its players for years to come.

So in short words, Daum Games is still working hard on the cash shop, including items they are going to put there, the prices but they stated they'll focus on vanity and some convenience items.

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