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Blade & Soul is going to release in the west in January 2016 while its closed beta is ongoing currently. The game has a good world PvP system as well as an Arena where you match players with similar winning rate. But what are the best PvP classes? Technically there's no "best" class but most suitable class. However, I still try to do an analysis on each class' advantages and disadvantages in PvP based on my experience in the Chinese server (the NA and EU version should be very close to the CN version in terms of class balance).  
Blade Master
Blade Master, in the latest version, has been buffed when faces ranged classes specifically in when knocking opponent into the air, which significantly changes the position of Blade Master in PvP. What smart thing NCsoft does is they also re-balance Destroyer and Assassin to ensure Blade Master isn't becoming too powerful. In general, Blade Master now has certain advantage against ranged class but faces challenge against Assassin. It's 50-50 against Destroyer in my opinion.

Kungfu Master
Kungfu Master's buff lies in the ability to knock down the opponent on the ground. Skilled players can nail the opponent on the ground each time they knock the opponent down unless the opponent uses TAB button ability. It's a high burst class so I think Kungfu Master isn't underdog against any other class. Two classes should be careful are Destroyer and Summoner. To sum up, Kungfu Master doesn't stand any advantage or disadvantage when faces all other classes.

It gets significantly buffed against ranged classes compared with last version. Summoner is the most obvious victim of the Destroyer enhancement. Destroyer goes 50-50 against other melee classes. Some players will try to stay mobile when face Destroyer which brings Destroyer a lot of trouble especially when they are skillful runners. Fortunately it requires a lot of practice to play hit-and-run against Destroyer and not everyone will do that in actual PvP.

Blade Dancer
Some abilities especially Sunder + Storm Cleave get nerf. However, Lightning Slash is still terrifying and deadly. Other classes now just have to watch out for Lightning Slash. In general, Blade Dancer gets some nerf but is still a powerful class no one can ignore.

Teleport is decisive ability now. Make good use of this ability you can gain great advantage at the beginning or turn the tide in the middle of the fight. Without exaggeration, anyone who masters this ability is a formidable fighter. In my opinion, Assassin has great advantage against Kungfu Master and a little advantage against Blade Master and Destroyer — yes I think Assassin is currently the best melee class in PvP. If you take a look at the Arena battles fought by top players, you will see Assassin is almost the most powerful PvP class.

Force Master
Many less useful abilities are changed. But compared with the enhancement of other melee classes, Force Master doesn't get any vital buff. For me, Force Master is the last class I'd choose in PvP.

Big Sunflower gets nerf but CC skill + Morning Glory Drain remains deadly. Therefore, veteran Summoner won't be affected by Big Sunflower nerf but average players will suffer the nerf as well as other melee classes' buff. I saw some cunning Summoners use Hornet and then refresh Hornet's cooldown through Chestnut Burr. They keep doing this circle to make the opponent's (those who don't have a decent PC specs or set the graphics to max) FPS unstable. Overall, Summoner has no advantage against melee classes.
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