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Undying and AA Dominate the Frankfurt Group Stage





During the Group Stage of the Frankfurt Major 2015 there have been some heroes that, even if picked several times, have retained a respectable win rate. We will consider the two best ones using two criteria: high win rate with at least 10 games played.
At the top of this list we will put Undying with 13 picks, 26 bans and a 76% win rate. The predominance of this hero isn't a surprise, in fact, considering all of v6.85 he is in the top 10 of the most drafted heroes. If compared to the average statistics of the entire patch, during the tournament he has been banned a large number of times, moving from 36.9% to 53.1% - also the win rate increased by an impressive 20%.

Until now the hero has been picked by 9 different players and the one that abused him the most is Evil Geniuses' Clinton "Fear" Loomis with 4 games and a 75% win rate. The "Old Man" is also the third most active Undying's player during v6.85 with 8 games, while OG's Tal "Fly" Aizik reached the first place with the astonishing number of 23 games and with a 82% win rate. It's pretty curious to think that Fly played this hero only one time during the Group Stage. It will definitevely be really interesting to give a better look to this data at the end of the entire Major. Will he play Undying more, use him as a final resort, or will the high number of bans against this hero will reduce the chances to pick him?

Fear focused on cheap supportive items buying an Urn of Shadows in every game and a pair of Arcane Boots. In the few cases, in which he was able to have more money for himself, he opted for a Vladimir's Offering, a Medallion of Courage later upgraded in a Solar Crest, a Mekansm and a Glimmer Cape. Obviously, being a support and due to the low number of games that we are considering, almost every item of this list has been bought just a single time.
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The second hero that deserves to be in this list is Ancient Apparition, with 13 picks and a 69% win rate. In this case the win rate is 17% higher than the v6.85’s average one, while the amount of picks and bans is similar even if increased, they went from 18%/21% to 26%/26%. I got intrigued by some possible matchups and gave a look at the games in which Huskar has been played. Totally he has been picked 5 times with a 60% win rate but, unlike to what we thought, AA has never been picked against Huskar and has been banned only in two games against him.

The situation is similar to Undying, in fact, AA has been picked by 9 different players and the one that used him the most is's Artsiom "fng" Barshack with just 3 games and a 66% win rate. Considering the entire patch, the players that played and excelled with him the most are Cloud9's Theeban "1437" Siva with 15 games and a 66% win rate and Secret's Clement "Puppey" Ivanov with 8 games and a 75% win rate.

There aren't enough games in the Major until now, so we will give a look at their items during v6.85. 1437 bought a Hand of Midas in almost every game, while the Glimmer Cape and the Aghanim's Scepter are his second most favourite items, picked 8 and 7 times each, on average at 37 and 34 minutes. Puppey, instead, didn't focus a lot on the Hand of Midas (we can find it in just 2 games) while in 6 games over 8 he got an Aghanim's Scepter. The predominant pair of boots for both of them are the Tranquil Boots, later on substituted with the Boots of Travel.









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