8 MMORPGs (& MORPGs) for Smartphone of 2013





8 MMORPG for Smartphone

Japan is the heaven for gamers, well, not for PC MMORPG players. Except Final Fantasy XIV, I barely name the second game that can be called popular and successful of this genre. It's not because they don't fancy MMORPG on PC, but the fact that Japanese loves playing video games anywhere at anytime. Playing through portable consoles like PSV/3DS or smartphone perfectly help Japanese people kill time while they're on the way to work, or home. And MMORPG for mobile gaming? yes, definitely is getting popular in the passed year 2013. Here I will recommend you some Japanese mobile MMO of great quality, check'em out.

Chocotto Land SP (iOS | Android)

Chocotto Land SPChocotto Land SP

Chocotto Land is a Role-Playing game for PC, developed and published by Hangame, which was released in Japan in 2007. Now comes its remake designed for smartphones, what's more, this remade mobile version can share data with PC version that you can play the game anywhere at anytime.

Rukusanbura (iOS | Android)


An action RPG like Dungeon Hunter 4, but the Japanese anime style characters are cuter than DH4. The basic operations of Rukusanbura seems not complicated, if you have played DH4, grasping this game will not be a problem.

RPG Deathland (Android)

RPG DeathlandRPG Deathland

In Deathland, players control the genius called Tsukigami to fight against Oni (ghost), who dominate the world. Except the commands sent by players, Tsukigami also have their own consciousness,for instance, they can attack and restore themselves automatically.

Stellacept Online (iOS | Android)

Stellacept OnlineStellacept Online

In STELLACEPT's world, human fled to an unknown planet located on the border of Galaxy, due to the threat from alien civilization. But finally the alien civilization chased to the planet, human had to fight with them again to protect their home. As one of the soldier who got power from 'Stella', your mission is to defeat the dark force with your companion.

Avabel Online (iOS | Android)

Avabel OnlineAvabel Online

There are a vast variety of locations in the game and you can see plain, mountain, wetland and marsh in the video. The PvE, basically, is fighting monsters, exploring mazes and taking down huge bosses which JRPG fans will be very familiar with. The PvP, on the other hand, pits two teams (up to 16 players) fighting against each other. Last but not least, the game supports 100 players playing online simultaneously.

Blue Odyssey (Android)

Blue OdysseyBlue Odyssey

This game is based on MMORPG Le Ciel Bleu (PC), most of the game system are same with Le Ciel Bleu. The most interesting feature of Blue Odyssey is the rich classes and jobs, RPG fans may can't wait to master this game.

Valiant Legion (iOS | Android)

Valiant LegionValiant Legion

Valiant Legion plays similarly to other smartphone RPGs by reproducing a joystick on the lower left hand side of the screen and battle commands such as utilizing magic or attacks on the right. It will also feature arena PvP and currently has three classes to choose from -- Fighters, Rogues and Mage.

RPG Elemental Knights (iOS | Android)

RPG Elemental KnightsRPG Elemental Knights
RPG Elemental KnightsRPG Elemental Knights

In order to convenient players to play it with only one hand in the crowded metro, Elemental Knights is designed as a vertical-scrolling game for smartphone. But you can also change the game setting to turn the game screen into side-scrolling mode.

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