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Ice3 Latest Interview on Redbull ECL 2014: Thoughts on Taunting, IG and TongFu





Picture by ECL

 Hello everyone, I am a Singaporean Dota 2 player called Xu Peixiang. People call me iceiceice.

Q: Outside Dota 2, what are your hobbies?

Iceiceice: Photography, eating, hanging out with my friends and casting on which is fun. I can do other things besides training, but I need to get up early or wait until vacation. I don’t know when I can take a holiday.

Q: What does your family think about your Dota 2 career?

Iceiceice: It’s okay before I came to China, but after I arrived in China, they became more and more annoying. They started to support me. The reason I am annoyed is that they used to leave me alone, and this abrupt change makes me feel annoyed. However, it’s not bad if they are happy. Now they send messages to me, which they didn’t do in the past. For me it’s okay. As long as my girlfriend supports me, it’s enough.

Q: What’s the All-Star Dota 2 Team in your mind?

Iceiceice: I will pick 4 of my good friends. It is impossible to choose four people who quarrel with each other every day although they are good Dota 2 players.

Q: Talk about your impressions of your teammates.

Iceiceice:LaNm seems doesn’t wash his hands after going to the WC. Anyway, he is trying hard by playing many pubs every day, even in hearthstone. However, he has a bad temper. In general, he is a really good person since he keeps thinking about Dota 2 all day. MMY is a “perfect” professional Dota 2 player. Getting up, playing, eating and then sleeping. That’s all. As for me, I am not as lazy as MMY, but I don’t like training. I prefer to get out, however practicing is necessary. I was trying hard, but now I am a bit lazy. Big B-God is used to out of luck, now it’s better. (kappa face here). Mushi…is…Mushi…Mushi…Mushi. I don’t want to talk about Mushi as I am afraid he beats me. It’s so scary.

Q: Why do you like playing games barefoot?

Iceiceice: it’s not about relaxation. It’s just a personal habit. I hate wearing shoes and long pants. I have to wear those because of some tournament’s rules. As for now, it’s winter and very cold here.

Q: Thoughts on taunting.

Iceiceice: I think taunting is an art. I don’t taunt because I am afraid to taunt the wrong person, such as abuse his family, beat his mother or kill his family, etc. It’s too personal and not good. rOtk is a taunt expert, and his taunt is an art. He beats me in taunt.

Q: How do you view the hero Bristleback?

Iceiceice: People usually use it for position 3 which is the hardlane hero. But if you are in Dire, you can pull ancient neutrals every minute. If your opponents don’t ward up ancient neutrals creeps, you will become wealthy and high level soon. You can level up from lvl3 to lvl7 or lvl5 to lvl8 and build a Mekansm during 10-15 minutes of the game. This is the advantage of Bristleback. Recently VG have played Bristleback for 1 position, since VG prefer to have a battle core hero. For example, they build a Mekansm and begin to join team fight.

Q: How do you feel about TongFu's performance in ECL?

Iceiceice: TongFu performed well this time. They changed the position which ZSMJ who played the 3 position while Kabu played the 4 position. Maybe Kabu can’t play Nature Prophet, but he still plays Clockwerk. He is the king of Clockwek. I feel TongFu are better after these changes because ZSMJ is a hard working man and I really admire him. Today I would have gone to net café and played ranked match with him, but I can’t get up as I played cards last night. I felt very sorry for him when I saw three miss calls this morning. I am also surprised to see Mu play Invoker which I had never seen before. I feel a little bit weird but in general it’s good.

Q: Thoughts on Team Invictus Gaming.

Iceiceice: iG depend too much on 430. I feel their 1 position and 3 position should take more responsibility and supporters should gank more. You can’t depend on a person in every match.

Picture by ECL

Q: Any Words to your fans?

Iceiceice: Don’t let me take photos and sign when I am hungry, because eating is important to me. Thanks for supporting me and purchasing my Invoker set. I also have Spirit Breaker set. Many people asked me what is the keyboard I am using, but I forget.(I found on Tt eSports E-Shop, It's MEKA G1 PRIME)

Q: What's your New Year's expectation?

Iceiceice: Firstly, I hope I could perform better in every tournament no matter if we win or lose. Secondly, I hope I could travel to Paris again, so my wish is there is a tournament in Paris. Lastly, be happier with my girlfriend. As for goal, everyone says TI4, it’s my 2014 goal too. Oh! I almost forget; Shoutout for my sponsor Tt eSports.


Source: PCGames Dota 2

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