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Tower of Ascension

In Tower of Ascension, each class has 3 types of skills: Combo, Normal and Finish

Combo skills are registered automatically in the Combo button when you learn. They are activated one after another automatically when you continuously tap on the Combo button.

Normal Skills should be registering it in the Skill Slot if you want to use it. Normal Skill includes Normal, Active and Passive skills: Normal Skill can be used without any precondition. Active Skill can be used only against target under certain effect. Passive Skill increases the effects of skills or increases basic stats.

Finish skills will be unlocked when you reach level 10, 20 and 30. You need to follow the prompt on the main screen to release Finish skills. And each of them will produce tons of damages to a wide range of enemies.

Tower of Ascension

Each class has two kinds of weapons. When you change the type of weapon, you have to spend 5 gems on resetting all skills. In addition, skills that can be used vary depending on the weapon in use. Then I will analysis each class's skills characteristics.


When warriors armed with one-hand sword and shield, their skills are base on defense. They can't inflict high damages to enemies at this moment, but they can stun or weaken enemies by using skills. The skills are very suitable for being used in team battles, especially Invincibility (becomes invincible for 5 seconds) can help warriors through many crises.

However, Warriors will become terrorist killers when two-hand weapon in hand. At this time, their skills can cause a wide range and mounts of damages. Either line or surrounding enemies are doomed. In addition, there is an interesting skill – Strike of Blood, it can absorb enemy's HP in the amount corresponding to warrior's Max HP.

Tower of AscensionTower of Ascension
Tower of AscensionTower of Ascension


When hunters equip twin pistols, they are good at fast attack and broader attack. Meanwhile, the skills characteristics are jump attack and setting a turret to inflict physical damages to enemies. These show that twin-pistols hunter suitable for the player who like ‘hit and run' skill.

When they take shotgun, their attack speed will slow down. But the power of each attack is impressive. And hunters can summon monsters and scarecrow that distracts enemies when shotgun is equipped. Thus, hunters can be safer when in combat.

Tower of AscensionTower of AscensionTower of AscensionTower of Ascension


The wizards' skills are strong, when they equip soul bender, they can control Ice and Lightning magic to kill enemies. Ice magic is responsible for slowing or freezing enemies, and Lightning magic is in charge of inflicting huge damages to enemies. As the Lightning magic are partial to monomer attack, they are suitable for the boss battles

When their weapon is turned into staff, they will use dark and fire magic. Dark magic can curse or weaken enemies, and fire magic can burn groups at a time. 

In short, no matter what weapon is taken, the wizards can always play the role of DPS.

Tower of AscensionTower of Ascension
Tower of AscensionTower of Ascension

Moreover, each class final skills are same. 

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