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New RTS Game Plunder Pirates' PV Released

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Recently, composed by former Sony members, Midoki game studio bought us an attractive game PV. The game which called Plunder Pirates is similar to Clash of Clans. Merely, the battlefield is moved to the islands this time. In order to plunder resource, players have to complete the beach landing again and again.

Plunder Pirates

Led by Ian Livingstone, Midoki is a new game studio. But Plunder Pirates is pretty great. As the members have rich experience and solid technique of producing games, Plunder Pirates both pictures and gameplay of the game are guaranteed. Players can enjoy the exquisite screen and addictive content. Although there are some references to Clash of Clans, fierce naval theme of the game still let us have a desire to try.

Plunder Pirates

The setting of the game character is a major bright spot. Humoristic actions, eccentric personalities and fancy skills let the battles look particularly lively. 

Currently, the game is still in development, but it will be launched on iOS platform later this year. Let's expect.


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