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IG.430 Interview on Redbull ECL 2014: Thoughts on Taunting

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Hi, guys! I am IG.430.

Q: Some time ago you got sick, have you felt better now?

430: Yes, Due to good rest and pills, I am feeling better now.

Q: Is this tournament's format made by ECL committee?

430: We coordinated with them about this format.

Q: Thoughts on taunting.

430: We usually taunt when we have advantage in the game, and it depends on the team we meet. If our opponents taunt us heavily, I will strike back. My previous taunt video was recorded from the middle of the game. In early portion of that game, our opponents taunt us heavily, but they became quiet when game situation changed.

Q: What is your favorite type of hero?

430: I prefer to those who can show my superb skills, but in official match, those simple and powerful heroes are more stable and easy to win.

Q: Do you have Solo practices except for the official matches?

430: Not now, I did before, but I haven’t practiced this for a long time.

Q: Who gives you biggest pressure in Solo?

430: Mushi, because his laning mechanics are great.

Q: Will you release your cosmetic items?

430: In TI, many players signed up for their cosmetic items. I applied an Invoker set and a TA set. However, the item artists are limited, and they will release in applied chronological order.

Q: We heard about 2014 Chinese shuffle, what's your plan?

430: I think the most important thing is The International, moreover I hope to win more champions.

Q: Any New Years Wishes to your fans?

430: This year is the year of horse, and I was born in the year of horse. So I wish everybody “龙马精神” and ”马到成功” in English mean "my best wishes and every success".


Source: PCGames Dota 2

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